At this time of year it's sometimes difficult to find the motivation to get golfing. With the prospect of layering up an unappealing one, we look at ways you can keep your game in shape this winter.

Winter Golf

At this time of year it's sometimes difficult to find the motivation to get golfing. If you want to ensure your game is in peak condition when the warm months are again upon us and aren't able to jet off to sunnier climates, there are ways you can keep your game in shape. 


It goes without saying but if you want to keep your game in tip top condition for the upcoming season it's imperative to keep swinging. Nothing is going to improve your golf like hitting actual balls. So if the course is shut or it's just to cold, make sure to head to the range.

Can't find the time? Swinging a weighted club will not only help you maintain your rhythm, but can be used anywhere, meaning you work on your swing without even leaving your house or office. 

Take A Lesson

If you're looking to make some swing changes, winter is the perfect time to do so. Do the hard work now and you can spend the summer on the course making the most of your improved swing and, hopefully, better scoring.  


Game centres are a brilliant way to keep your game in shape and have fun at the same time. Topgolf, which has three locations across the South of England, not only offers a number of point scoring games using microchipped golf balls but is also a buzzing entertainment venue.


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Fun Formats

The prospect of playing a medal or stableford when the weather is grim is enough to keep even the most avid golfer indoors. Whether you're playing 18 or just a few holes why not liven up your match with a fun format. For ideas click here.

Improve your Fitness

If you think you have some physical issues or weaknesses that might prevent you from playing better golf then the off season is the perfect time to deal with them. Find a fitness professional who will be able to help you with a workout programme. Not only will you improve your game but you're also sure to boost your fitness levels (and maybe lose a few excess pounds) in the process. 

For something a little less vigorous Yoga and Pilates are both effective methods for improving your flexibility and core stability, both key attributes for ensuring a consistent and powerful golf swing.

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