If you want to play golf like an athlete, why not fuel yourself as one asks Amanda Hartman on her mission to promote golf as a way to stay fit and healthy. 

Amanda Hartman

If you want to play golf like an athlete, why not fuel yourself as one? That’s what West Essex member Amanda Hartman is asking golf clubs on her mission to promote golf as a way to stay fit and healthy.

By Amanda Hartman

More and more charters, initiatives, backing and funding are being invested into getting more people into golf. On the whole, they’re working, and for the first time in a long while golf participation is on the rise, though there is still a long way for the game to go. But sports therapist and single-figure handicapper Amanda Hartman thinks that we might be missing the mark altogether, and it’s time to really promote golf as a way to stay fit, starting with what’s on the menu. So, Amanda’s on a mission to ask clubs up and down the country, is there an appetite for change at your golf club?

For years, we have heard how golf club memberships have been diminishing and the average age of those who do stay committed to a club is creeping up and up. Do I think that things are improving with the likes of the new R&A charter and the various other initiatives being driven by governing bodies? Yes, but I also think that golf has a lot more potential to grow.

So, here’s my question, is it because golf isn’t perceived to be a sport that can keep you fit and healthy? In a day where people have less and less time to commit to anything outside of their work and families, are golf clubs actually making things worse with a lack of interest to adapt to the changing times, including maintaining outdated ideas around nutrition and physical fitness?

Serving bacon rolls, pastries and filter coffee seem to be pretty generic at golf clubs as a pre-match breakfast. What about healthy, nutritious breakfasts for those that are interested in health and fitness?

As a sports therapist, I am passionate about fuelling athletes for improving their fitness and performance, so why should golf be any different? I want to find out why there is a tendency to only serve bacon rolls rather than something more nutritionally balanced that will actually help golfers to play 18 or even 36 holes and maintain their best performance.

In the coming months, you’ll start to see survey forms at your clubhouse asking you about your preferences – would you prefer a bacon butty or something healthier, such as cereal or fruit? If there’s proof that bacon has had its day, we’ll possibly be seeing statistics at the same time as suppliers and manufacturers gearing up to get cereal bowls on tables at your matches and club events in the future.

Please let your preferences be known by taking part in Amanda’s survey and see if you agree it’s time for change…..and you’ll be seeing more than bacon on your next breakfast table!






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