Iron Women tells the story of the history of Scottish women's golf and the game's unsung heroes and pioneers.

Iron Women is a superb watch for any fan of women's golf and one that's not to be missed.

Taking us back to the 18th century, Iron Women documents how the early pioneers of Scottish women's golf and the game's formidable role models challenged the patriarchal constraints of the male-dominated golfing world.

The real Iron Women

The film celebrates the brave trailblazers who put Scottish women’s golf firmly on the world map.

We all know that the battle for equality in golf has been a long and difficult journey, but those who were integral to the growth and recognition of the women's game in Scotland remain little-known.

Highlights from Iron Women include recorded evidence of fishwives playing golf and competing for silk handkerchiefs in the 18th century in Musselburgh, plus a series of eye-opening interviews touching on the shocking sexist attitudes that once existed in the game.

'No women allowed'

Professional golfer Karyn Dallas tells us how she once arrived at a tournament to be greeted with the sign “No Dogs or Women Allowed", while Dr Fiona Skillen discusses how the men ‘supervised’ women to make sure they behaved appropriately when they played golf in the 19th century at the St Andrews Ladies Putting Club. 

Writer, producer and director Margot McCuaig commented: “Women’s golf in Scotland has a long and prestigious history. Despite barriers, both in terms of attitude and physical structures, pioneers have continued to lead the way. Consequently, sporting celebrities have emerged as role models, on and off the green, ensuring that there has been a fairer way for women. 

"Whether playing professionally or competitively at amateur level, golf has a common theme. Friendships are created and cherished, time on the course is relished and Iron Women have continued to make their mark, and their own home, in Scottish golf.”

Iron Women was produced by Glasgow-based production company purpleTV.

You can watch the debut airing of Iron Women on BBC ALBA tomorrow (Saturday, January 2) at 9pm or on the BBC iPlayer until February 1.