The presenter and ex-pro explains why the current situation in America can be be related to the world of golf.

Henni Zuel

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We're sure that like us, you've spent the weekend following the escalating protests sparked by the death of un-armed black man George Floyd.

While the tragic incident has highlighted wider race-related issues across the world, GOLFTV presenter Henni Zuel has spoken out about her personal experience of encountering racism in golf.

The former Ladies European Tour player said:

"It feels odd to me to to talk about anything golf related right now with everything that's going on. So I'll do both, the current climate and golf are not mutually exclusive from my personal experience.

"Racism in golf may not be obvious or explicitly said, sometimes it has been but more often than not it's in a look, a judgemental tone of voice, a question of "are you lost?" or "can I help you?" at the check in that means "you don't belong here".

But although her initial musings were negative, her post was a balanced argument that equally highlighted the empowering and inclusive nature of golf as well as the fact that racism still exists, however subtly, in the sport we all love.

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"I don't want to beat down on golf as it's a sport that I love to my core" she insisted, and instead went on to suggest that we should be actively encouraging any female friends from minority groups to try the sport:

"So if you have someone in your friendship circle who is black or in a minority group - invite them to golf! Include them. Let them know that you acknowledge the biases. That golf is a wonderful game that should be enjoyed by ALL and that you will stand by them."

We think it's a great idea.

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Henni's thoughts about being a mixed-race woman in golf come just week's after Mel Reid spoke out saying that women in golf needed more support.

You can find out more about Henni by visiting her Twitter page @hennizuel.

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