Lester Brunt Wealth Management gives a personal insight into why we should protect our health as much as our golf swing.

It helps to have a positive mindset before setting off for a round of golf. We do all we can to give ourselves the best chance to achieve the result we want, investing in coaching sessions, engaging the right mindset, and preparing for all weather conditions.

So, how come when it comes to health insurance, we hold the same optimistic view that it’s all going to be okay, but we don’t do any of the prep to put plans in place? It’s only when things go wrong that we realise our mistakes and things we could have done differently.

Recently an event happened that made me realise that bunkers and hazards aren’t just found on the course.

My mum was living her life; valuing her retirement, driving her car, enjoying her golf and her family and then overnight her life changed. Her body had different plans and she was taken ill. She suffered a pulmonary embolism and was whisked away to the hospital for what turned into a five-week stay. All other plans cancelled, no hair appointment, no weekends away with friends and no rounds of golf.

I remembered that she had taken out a health insurance plan; the kind of plan that pays you for any time spent in hospital.

This health insurance money allowed her to rebook many of her non-refundable plans and the additional costs of her gardener and cleaner were also covered while she was in the hospital. Her lengthy stay was challenging for everyone, but she had peace of mind in knowing that her costs were covered.  

On discharge, my mum was supported by our fabulous NHS, however, naturally, the support was limited. Just as support with your swing takes more than one coaching session to make a difference, it was the same with my mum’s confidence at home.

Health insurance provided her with an option to receive private support in her home, which was invaluable in getting her confidence back and hastened her return to everyday life. Without this extra support, my mum would not be back on the course with her friends and a smile on her face.

It’s never too late to improve your scorecard and it’s never too late to make sure you have the plans in place to support you when the worst happens.

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