PING claims to offer the most time-tested and precise custom-fitting process in golf, and according to three lucky Women & Golf readers, the technology behind it really does work.

Custom Fit Golf Clubs: Does It Really Make a Difference?

 PING claims to offer the most time-tested and precise custom-fitting process in golf, and according to three lucky Women & Golf readers, the technology behind it really does work. 

By Charlotte Ibbetson

In spring this year, Women & Golf paired up with world-renowned club manufacturer and expert-custom-fitter PING to give three lucky readers the chance to win a free custom-fitting session and a shiny new set of clubs. 

Several months on and the verdict is in ... custom fitting really does make a difference to your game. With a new set of clubs picked and built specifically according to their height and swing – just a few metrics amongst a set of clever data – all three of our winners claimed to feel more confident with their new clubs and saw a positive difference straight away. 

What is custom fitting? 

You'd never pick up a pair of shoes and just hope that they fit; you'd find your size, try them on and see how you feel when you wear them. And that's exactly what custom fit golf clubs are all about – finding the right clubs for you based on your height, build, swing pattern and ability – to name just a few metrics. Playing (or attempting to play) with clubs that are the wrong length, weight, lie angle, shaft flex or grip size for your body, encourages you to make unnatural compensations in your swing, therefore stopping you from developing the correct mechanics you need to improve your game. 

Does custom fitting really work?

How much of a difference do custom fit golf clubs really make? Lizzy, Jane and Jo tell us more ...

Lizzie told us, "my new clubs are performing great, I have reduced my handicap down to 6 from 8, and I'm totally in love my new Fetch putter – I actually feel like I can't miss anything within 6 foot! I had 5 sand saves on the trot the first time I used my new clubs, which I think is both down to the new forged wedges and my putter. The irons took a bit more getting used to, but now I have, I definitely get more distance out of them. I finally feel confident holding a 5 iron. The U-wedge that I was excited about has been amazing; it's the perfect gap between my clubs. I feel deadly whenever I’ve got a wedge into the green and feel like I can get up and down from within 100 yards consistently."
"I've won four major club competitions this year at my golf club, including our ladies club championship. I’ve also represented my county (Nottinghamshire) for their 2nd team, who won their league and then the final! I’m really pleased I got to be part of that," Lizzie continued.
PING Fitting LIzzy Savage 2 min
"I'm very happy with my DLX golf bag, the features are superb, the cooler pocket is large and perfect for plenty of water and snacks. There’s also a Velcro section for your glove which I now constantly use in between shots instead of my back pocket."
PING Fitting LIzzy Savage min

"I've cut a whole shot off my handicap, from 13 to 12, but single figures again is my next goal" Jane added. "The clubs are great. They feel really easy to use and I am full of confidence with them, especially the driver – I even won the longest drive competition at South Moor GC in the County Durham Golf Trail."

"I feel as though I am flushing the 3-wood off the fairway. It's great in winter, giving me plenty of distance in the air to keep me near the greens, and the utility woods are great out of a tight lie in the rough or fairway."


PING Fitting Jane Fawcett min

She continued, "my new irons are pitching where my previous PING irons used to run out to – and stopping - so very happy, now that I am adjusting! With my wedges, I feel like Phil Mickelson when I have to throw the ball over something! The putter took a bit more getting used to, but it is steadily coming good. I think it's because it looks so different from my previous putter at address."

"I won the gross prize at our finals weekend in the 36-hole Final Medal recently and picked up some points for Low Laithes Golf Club in the Winter Alliance."
PING Fitting Jane Fawcett 2 min

Beginner Jo commented, "the clubs have made a huge difference to my game. The woods are so much easier to get off the ground and carry more distance than I was used to. I would recommend anyone to have a fitting with PING."

"My favourite club change has been the putter. It feels much more steady and I have been able to improve consistency. I used to waste so many shots on the green but having the fitted PING putter has knocked a number of shots off my scores."
PING Fitting Jo Smith min



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