The Major winner talks about the lasting impact of her 2018 triumph and why the whole country would be touched if we had another British winner.


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Georgia Hall’s win at Royal Lytham & St Anne’s was one of the greatest moments in British Golf.

When she lifted the trophy at the 2018 Ricoh Women’s British Open she became the first British player to win the Major since Catriona Matthew in 2009.

The following year she was awarded an MBE and to this day she continues to inspire players of all ages to take up the game.

With the 2020 AIG Women’s Open hosted by Royal Troon for the first time this week, she tells us why she’s feeling ready to give it her all...

Have you played at Royal Troon before?

I played a casual round there about eight years ago, I'd say, so I can't actually remember any of it. It's kind of like playing it from new, but I've never been there. I'm actually very excited to get back to a links course this year.

What do you love about playing links golf?

I love that it's the most natural form of golf course. You have humps and bumps everywhere, so you can have five different shots to play. You really have to take the wind into consideration and adapt your swing to it. It's just really creative and I really enjoy it, and every day is different. When I play up there with the home crowd, I'm at home.

How do you feel about playing with no crowd?

It will be strange not to have my family there or friends, and when we get back to America, yeah, it's going to be different. But we'll just have to kind of get used to it pretty quickly because I think it will be like that for a while.

How important has the Rose Series been in your preparation?

It was great to be competitive every week leading up to these two big events. My golf, it's very consistent, and even my scoring. I'm very happy with where my game is. I'm confident in myself, but I'm excited to see everyone, as well.

What does it mean to you that AIG has extended its title sponsorship to 2025?

I think it's awesome they came on as title sponsor last year, and I think at times of uncertainty and lots of things happening in the world, it's great that we can actually get something positive from this. It's great for women's golf and as players, we appreciate AIG so much and hopefully it will be successful.

Do you think women's golf has stepped into the spotlight this summer?

Definitely. Not much women's sport is going on at the moment, so it would be great for us to make more headlines. Obviously as players, we're going to do the best we can to showcase the best golf to the public. I think it's a great opportunity.

What would you like people to get out of watching the AIG Women's Open?

I want people to see what hard-working and great players we are, and for people to see that it's interesting watching women's golf too, not just men's. I think that’s the most important thing they could take from it.

I think maybe more people can relate to women's golf a little bit more because we don't hit it 350 yards. We are kind of more about hitting a lot of fairways and hitting greens and putting well.

How special would it be for you to have an individual win in Scotland?

Scotland is my favourite place in the world. I absolutely love it. I would love to live there, as well. I love holidays there, everything.

To win there would be awesome for sure. On a links golf course would be great, too.

What is it about Scotland that you like? 

Everything, really. I love how pretty it is, so much countryside, and I think the best golf courses in the world are in Scotland. Everybody loves golf over there. The people, the best fans come from Scotland.

Yeah, most of all, just the countryside and you just get such amazing views.

Did winning in 2018 have more of an impact that you thought?

Absolutely. Even six months after I had messages from girls on social media saying: "I've taken up golf because I watched you play and compete in the last nine holes at Lytham and you made me find of fall in love with the game."

It’s a great feeling to know that I got a lot more youngsters into golf. It would be great if a British person can win the AIG Women's Open again this year, because it just touches everyone all across the country.

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