Introducing European Tour's GolfSixes, last weekend's event at Centurion Club in Hertfordshire, that just turned everything you thought you knew about golf on its head.


By: Becky Gee

Introducing GolfSixes, last weekend's event that just turned everything you thought you knew about golf on its head.

In one razzle-dazzle weekend, the European Tour’s ‘this has potential’ experiment was transformed into one of the most energy fuelled golf tournaments of the year. Families descended on the Centurion Club in their droves, kids jumped up and down clapping thundersticks, and fans were kindly invited to make as much noise as possible. It was thrillingly rebellious.

But it was the inclusion of five female participants where Keith Pelley really played his trump card. For two days exclaiming voices reverberated across the fairways at the Hertfordshire venue.

“Wow, I never realised the girls were this good.”

“Golf is actually really exciting.”

And from the young spectators, “I want to be like Charley Hull.”

Hull, as she has become accustomed, played her part to perfection, nailing her opening tee shot to a foot, producing a hilarious reaction from her opponents, England Men, who proceeded to leg it off the tee back towards the clubhouse. The tone for the weekend was set.



The pros weren’t the only ones to get in among the action. Four Women & Golf readers were given the fabulous opportunity to take part in the Beat the Pro contest, an intrinsic part of the event which saw competition winners and local juniors tee it up on the 5th hole immediately after the pros had taken their shots.

Clare Jones, from Beeston Fields Golf Club, was among those taking part and was given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tee it up alongside Carlota Ciganda and Mel Reid on Saturday morning.

“There was music playing while we were hitting our shots and lots of cheering, it wasn’t like playing a normal golf shot at all” Clare laughed.

‘‘The players were just great. Mel is from Derby and when I was just teeing up she joked, ‘I hope you’re not a Nottingham Forest fan’, the whole experience was just brilliant."

Allison Nuttall, from Clitheroe, was similarly blown away by the whole event and by the warmth of the reception.

“It was just fab, I was with Australia and South Korea, who were great and so friendly.”

The opportunity perfectly summarised everything that the game of golf currently needs. Everyday golfers allowed to fully submerge themselves in the tournament experience. No shushing, no double checking your phone is turned to silent, no leaving your family at home for fear of causing a disturbance, just the invitation to have a great time.

We might not want to see it every week, neither would Clare, “I’m not sure my nerves can cope with that again anytime soon,” but once in a while, a dose of GolfSixes might just be what we all need.

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