As Nelly Korda attempts to win her sixth LPGA victory in a row, she spoke to media at the Cognizant Founders Cup about her whirlwind week

At the start of the week, we never thought that the talk around Nelly Korda would be anything other than her chance of making LPGA history with a sixth successive victory.

But the World Number One made quite the statement when she stepped onto the red carpet on Monday evening. It's an image that went far beyond women's golf's normal reach and in one poppy-covered Oscar de la Renta creation, she showed the superstar she is becoming.

As we look ahead to this week's Cognizant Founders Cup, and we attempt to shift from Met Gala dress analysis to the day job in hand. Korda spoke to media on Wednesday morning. It's safe to say that she knows what she needs to do and will do what she does best, focus on one shot at a time.

Was the Met Gala something that had been on your radar for a while?

No, it was more spur of the moment for sure. I got the invite and obviously could never say no to that. It was a dream come true. Very grateful to Casey Wasserman for inviting me. It was just a dream come true, yeah.

What was the experience like at the Met Gala?

Gosh, it was so, so crazy. You're standing in line ready to get on the carpet and you're seeing all these people you usually watch in TV shows or movies and they're famous singers and you're starstruck the entire time. It's the best people watching for me. I was just silent looking at everyone's dresses.

I would say, I saw Shakira and I just love Shakira. She's so beautiful. Then Jaden Smith was really, really nice. He was the first person to say hello to me and introduce himself. Everyone was really amazing. I can't just point out one person. The dresses were unbelievable and the whole evening was just a dream come true.

You have a really good fashion eye. To be in that setting, wear Oscar de la Renta, can you put into words how cool it was for you to be in that environment?

It was just a dream come true. I got a couple of dresses to try on from Oscar de la Renta, and they were all so stunning. It was so hard to decide. I actually switched it up last minute, probably like 20 minutes before I started to get ready, and I had to completely change my entire look. I was going to go with a long sleeve gown so I was going to have my hair up. Then I saw this amazing red dress and I just changed my entire look probably 20 minutes before I started to get ready. Switched it up on everyone.

It's just, I mean, this is me. This is me, visor on wearing golf clothes. This is my comfort zone. It was really, really neat to step outside of my comfort zone and do something like that. That was my first time ever walking a red carpet and went out with a bang. I think it's just downhill from here! But it was such a neat experience and I'm just so grateful that I had the opportunity to do that.

As you have success, is there a responsibility that goes with that as well? Do you see it that way, that you can grow the game through this other areas?

Hopefully, I'm doing it naturally. At the end of the day I think if you perform well in your sport that's what grabs people's attention. I'm not the type of person that tries to push anything or does anything I'm not really comfortable with. So I hope that I just do it naturally and that catches people's attention.

What did you do with your two weeks off?

I definitely spent a good bit of time on my couch the first couple days. Turned on the TV. Just it was more about sleep the first couple days. I just felt like I mentally really needed it. I was so mentally tired going through all those situations and high pressure moments. And then that's one the reasons why I really needed two weeks.

I feel like when you get one week you feel guilty to take more days off than you're training, but I just needed to work on my game as well. Two weeks really helped me mentally rest up. I started training more intensely the second week. I also had the junior event so wanted to spend time then and I had obviously some stuff to do there. So just to kind of spend time with family, relax, and trained.

Have you thought about what it will take to get to six in a row here?

If I'm being honest, I have not thought about it at all because I've had so much going on in those two weeks. Then obviously, Monday I had The Met, so haven't had too much time to think about it. My track record hasn't been the greatest in New Jersey. Last year missed the cut and we played KPMG here last year too and that was a nice missed cut as well.

I'm really just trying to keep it one shot at time, see how it goes. This golf course is tough. It's very, very narrow off the tee. The rough is very penalizing. And it's wet this year, so it's even worse.

So just not getting too ahead of myself and taking it a shot at a time. As boring as it sounds or as many times as you're going to hear me say it, that's the motto and I'm going to stick to it.

Play gets underway in the Cognizant Founders Cup on Thursday - you can view the full leaderboard here.