Augusta National Women's Amateur champion Lottie Woad will be in the field this week at the women's first Major. Here's how she's feeling ahead of her debut.

It's been a whirlwind two weeks for English amateur golfer Lottie Woad. After winning the Augusta National Women's Amateur, Woad returned to Florida State University to attend some of her regular classes before heading out to The Chevron Championship to play on a sponsor's exemption.

As the 20-year-old takes on this Major for the first time, she spoke about the last two weeks and how she feels about teeing it up amongst her golfing idols.

Who are some of the people who reached out to you after winning the Augusta National Women's Amateur?

There were a lot of people, a lot of people I didn't know. The cool thing was the mad different pros that watched it, people I look up to like reaching out on Instagram and X, saying they watched it and enjoyed it. On the Sunday I stayed at Augusta and I met a few players there. I met Danny Willett in the clubhouse and that was really cool, and Tom Watson, Nancy Lopez. I met so many people and it was just really cool for me.

Who was one of the most famous people to reach out and congratulate you?

Sticking out the most was probably the English players that I looked up to watching. There is a picture on Instagram of Justin Rose in front of the TV with me holing the putt. He's definitely one of my idols, so seeing him watching it and supporting me was really cool.

What have you seen after being on the ground here at The Chevron Championship for a few days?

It's just been really cool for me to be hitting next to people that I've grown up watching, like play the same course as them, watching how they go about things and prep for this week and taking it all in really.

My putting coach is here who coaches a few players, including Charley Hull. I got to meet her and get a picture with her, which was really cool.

How closely have you followed the LPGA over the years, and is there a moment or memory you have of watching The Chevron Championship that stands out to you?

I followed it obviously quite a bit, particularly the majors. The thing I remember from The Chevron Championship is people jumping in the water, particularly at the old venue as well. Just people jumping in when they win. I remember 18 here being a crucial hole and the par-5 being reachable and people going for it and it coming down to that.

This is a tough golf course to play. What do you think is going to be your strategy here?

The hardest part about this course is that the greens are really firm so you have to be careful to certain pin locations and certain holes. Particularly on a few of the longer par-4s you're hitting maybe 6-iron in so it's going to release a little bit.

There are definitely some holes that are par holes and ones I'll take all pars on all week. Kind of trying to minimise mistakes and taking opportunities on the par-5s and some of the wedges you do have.

It's definitely a course that is quite demanding off the tee and you need to be hitting the fairways. With the greens being firm you can't be hitting out of the rough. If you drive it well, there are definitely opportunities

What's the goal for the week?

I haven't really thought about a result or anything. I haven't thought about if I'm going to make the cut. Just kind of sticking to my game plan, my processes, and just treating it like any other amateur event I play in and just try to see what I shoot. Really haven't got a position in mind.

The Chevron Championship starts today, April 18, Lottie Woad will be playing alongside Madeleine Sagstrom and Gaby Ruffels at 1:32pm ET - view the full leaderboard here.