Lilia Vu returns to tournament play after a two month hiatus due to an ongoing back injury

After not playing competitively since the end of March and having to miss out on the first two women’s Majors due to a back injury, Lilia Vu is making her much-anticipated return to competitive play this week at the Meijer LPGA Classic. The past few months have been a significant period of recovery and self-reflection for Vu, who has worked diligently to get herself fit and healthy to play again.

Re-evaluating her game and body

Reflecting on her time away from the game, Vu explained, "It's definitely been a process. I had to re-evaluate my game and how my body moves. That was the most important thing, and it was the best time to work on my stability and compensation." This introspective period allowed Vu to focus on key aspects of her physical well-being, ensuring she was ready to return to the sport she loves.

Preparing to return to competitive golf required meticulous planning and a gradual reintroduction to the rigors of the game. "I played a lot of nine-hole rounds," Vu shared. "Thursday will be my first 18-hole round. But I played nine today; didn't feel anything. Hopefully, I'm good to go."

Despite feeling a bit rusty, Vu is optimistic about her readiness. Her approach highlights the importance of not rushing back and ensuring her body can handle the demands of full competitive rounds of golf.

New perspectives and disciplines

The American’s recovery from injury has given her a new appreciation for the sport. "I look at golf in a different lens now. I appreciate it more than ever, just being able to play," she remarked. The time off forced her to be disciplined and methodical in her recovery, fostering a deeper connection with the game.

While Vu has made some adjustments to her swing and overall approach to prevent future injuries, these changes are more about awareness than technical modifications. "It's not really technical. It's about being more conscious of my breathing and movements," she explained. Vu emphasised the importance of breathing techniques, posture, and overall body awareness in maintaining her health and performance.

Keeping half an eye on the U.S. Women’s Open

Despite focusing primarily on her rehabilitation, Vu did keep an eye on the U.S. Women’s Open. "I did watch some of the U.S. Open, but I was also trying to play and practice during that weekend. It was really cool to see Yuka win," she said.

While it was challenging to see the competition unfold without her, Vu recognised the necessity of her absence. "It is and isn't hard because I knew if I was there, I would not be where I need to be to play a U.S. Women's Open. I made a lot of progress during that week, so I wasn't too bummed out."

Looking ahead to the rest of the season

As Lilia Vu returns to the golf course this week after a two-month absence, she plans to take it slowly, focusing on controlling what she can. With the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship next week, she aims to ensure this is a positive first step towards getting back on track for a busy summer schedule.

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