A game-changing performance insights and analytics programme launched at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship and implemented across the LPGA Tour.

KPMG Performance Insights

In partnership with the LPGA, KPMG hope to elevate women’s sports by introducing KPMG Performance Insights; a game-changing technology platform that will provide data insights and advanced performance analytics for the LPGA Tour.

The solution was launched at the 2021 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship at Atlanta Athletic Club and will now be implemented across all LPGA Tour events.

Over the past five years, the LPGA has been on a mission to restructure their historical scoring and stats database. KPMG Performance Insights is the next step toward the long-term progression of data on the LPGA Tour, with full-field shot-level data and advanced analytics – like strokes gained, proximity averages and performance indexing. The statistical insights will also be represented within the LPGA’s media landscape through in-broadcast integration and a robust digital and social presence. The result will be deeper insights for media coverage and storytelling for the LPGA.

Elevating women's golf

Since the inception of the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship in 2015, KPMG has been at the forefront of identifying opportunities to elevate the women’s game; accelerating the advancement of women in business and golf.  That’s included providing network TV coverage, sponsorship and increased purse sizes, and advancing more women to the C-suite through the KPMG Women’s Leadership Summit. The KPMG Future Leaders Program is also developing future generations of women leaders through college scholarships and mentoring.

Why are performance insights so crucial to women's golf?

Data analytics in golf is fairly low-key compared to other sports and industries. But in women’s golf? It’s been pretty much non-existent until now.

Data gives organisations the opportunity to establish baselines, benchmarks and goals to make sure they keep moving forward. And KPMG’s programme is no different.

This isn’t just a platform to help players diagnose and improve their performance. It will impact media, broadcast partners, coaches and fans too. Paul Knopp, KPMG U.S. Chair and CEO said:

“The platform will change the way in which players, coaches, media and fans experience women’s golf.

“With KPMG Performance Insights, more data will be captured, analysed and integrated from every shot and every round than ever before. KPMG is delivering this transformative business solution to the LPGA Tour, bringing our firm’s industry-leading capabilities in the data and analytics space to change the game.”

Kelly Hyne, the LPGA's Chief Sales Officer added:

“Statistics and scoring are key elements in telling truly dynamic stories of our LPGA Tour players. This new partnership will provide us with the next level of advanced data to enhance the storytelling for our players and key stakeholders."

The standard of golf on the women’s tour has always been very high, but now we’ll have hard and fast data to prove it. And hopefully with that will come the media coverage the game deserves.

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