World No.2 Jon Rahm has shot two hole in ones in two days, and the second one in particular was out-of-this-world amazing.

Since Spanish player Jon Rahm achieved this amazing hole in one yesterday (November 10), it seems to be all the internet can talk about.

It's not just golf fans either; everyone from Radio 4 to the tabloid newspapers is amazed by this incredible bit of skill (and luck, lets be honest).

Taking his shot on the 16th par-3 hole, 26-year-old Jon masterfully skims the ball across the water, bouncing at least four times, and somehow lands it in exactly the right spot for it to go sailing into the hole.

If we tried this we'd definitely see our sunken ball again...

More amazing still is the fact that he did this on his Birthday.

And the day after he got ANOTHER hole in one.

No wonder he seems pretty cheery then.

Well done Jon Rahm! That was just incredible.

You can find our kind to watching the Masters this week HERE.