With a win and a second place finish in the last two years, Brooke Henderson returns to venue that truly inspires her and her game

As Brooke Henderson prepares for The Amundi Evian Championship 2024, there's a sense of excitement and familiarity in her voice. This venue, nestled in the stunning surroundings of Evian-les-Bains, France, has become more than just a tournament stop for her; it's a place where she feels truly at home.

The allure of Evian

When asked about what makes this place special, Henderson’s face lights up. "I love it here. It's so beautiful," she shares. The charm of Evian is not just about the picturesque views but also the experiences she shares with her sister, Brittany, who is also her caddie. "Our hotel is gorgeous and has an amazing view. It's very peaceful and calming, and I enjoy that."

The golf course itself holds a treasure trove of memories for Henderson. "We have so many great memories and feel like we know it pretty well, which is another good thing," she says. This familiarity breeds confidence, allowing her to refine a strategy that has proven successful, particularly in the last two years. “We have a decent strategy that's worked really well. Looking forward to trying to put it in play hopefully have another top finish.”

The joy of returning to The Amundi Evian Championship

Each return to The Amundi Evian Championship is met with eager anticipation, not just for the competition, but for the little joys that the town of Evian offers. Henderson highlights the overall beauty of the area, mentioning a quaint café downtown that she frequents for its gluten-free crepes. "I go there pretty much every night every time I'm here. Really special place," she says, reflecting on the simple pleasures that add to the charm of her stay.

The Amundi Evian Championship has also been a significant milestone in Henderson's career. Her victory in 2022 marked a pivotal moment, providing a substantial boost and serving as a career highlight. "Winning here in 2022 really gave my career a boost. It's a huge highlight." Even last year, finishing as the runner-up behind Celine Boutier was a moment of pride and sportsmanship. "Celine played amazing and I was happy to be runner-up and to give it a good fight. Definitely meant to be hers."

A memorable interlude at Wimbledon

Leading up to this year's event, Henderson had a memorable stop at Wimbledon, courtesy of Rolex. She recounts the experience of meeting tennis star Carlos Alcaraz. "Rolex has been amazing. They hosted us on Sunday. It was just an incredible weekend, amazing experience overall watching world class athletes compete." The interaction with Alcaraz, exchanging tips on putting, left a lasting impression. "It was just so cool to have that opportunity to spend some time among greatness, and I wish him well the rest of the week at Wimbledon."

Strategy and execution

Discussing her strategy at The Amundi Evian Championship, Henderson emphasises the importance of having a solid game plan. "There are definitely places where you want to be and definitely places that you don't," she explains. Adjusting and adapting are key components of her approach. "I think it's really important to have a solid strategy, solid game plan. And also being able to adjust when you are in a bad position to get yourself back in position and try to make pars on the tough holes and try to capitalize with birdies when you can."

Henderson acknowledges the external expectations that come with her reputation but remains focused on her personal goals and pressures. "I have big goals and big dreams and I'm putting a lot of pressure on myself, so outward pressure doesn't affect too much."

Without divulging too much, Henderson hints at her strategy for the course. "Ball striking and short game really has to be almost perfect to play really well here." The accumulation of notes and experiences since 2015 has given her valuable insights. "Just leaning back on past experiences and always trying to grow and learn and taking more notes this year."

The comfort of Evian

Finally, Henderson reflects on the importance of feeling comfortable at a venue. "Any time that you're excited to return to a venue, you're excited to experience the community, it just adds an extra level of positivity to your game." The energy from the crowd, especially around the 18th green, adds to the special atmosphere of Evian. "It's just a great atmosphere. I think that's what makes this place even more special."

As Brooke Henderson prepares to take on the Evian Championship once again, she brings with her not just skill and strategy, but a deep appreciation for the place that has become a significant part of her journey.

The Amundi Evian Championship starts at 7am local time, view tee times here. You can keep an eye on the live leaderboard here.

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