Why do you play golf? Katie Dawkins helps us to look at the reasons that we take up and fall in love with the game to help us regain perspective and go in the right direction.

Play The Golf Of Your Dreams

Why do you play golf? Remembering the reasons you took up and fell in love with this game will help you gain perspective if you are going through a grey patch, and here are some tips to encourage you in the right direction.

With Katie Dawkins


Work out what you want to achieve and be realistic. Getting this right will lead to you loving golf all over again. Why are you playing? This will affect the judgement of your performance and how much you are gaining from it.

Do you imagine the best golf you can play, or do you dampen down that dreamy goal because other people say you can’t do it? Don’t be controlled by other people’s limitations. Chances are you are capable of playing better than those dream dashers. Don’t let them hold you back.


Think of your BEST SHOT and your BEST ROUND. How did it make you feel? Write it down in a journal. Let’s get that good feeling running like a river through your whole game. Make a pact with yourself to regularly revisit this notebook, adding to it all the time, as brilliant performances are relevant in forming your golf library. Within your golf library should be your best drive, fairway wood, rescue club, best shot with each of your irons, and continue this ‘best of’ theme all the way through to the best tap-in putt.



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