Women & Golf's youngest writer Eleanor put her Roblox skills to the test and took on the new Just Swing game from The R&A. Here's what she thought...

Words by Eleanor Ballard, aged 11

The R&A Roblox golf game called Just Swing is great fun for all ages. It has many different courses to have a go at across deserts, castles and jungles which all have really cool features.

As you load into the game you spawn in the Just Swing lobby. The lobby has many different things in it – a shop where you can buy golf balls with unique designs, new golf clothes and golf clubs. You will also be challenged with a daily quest and question to complete.

When you are playing the game you get points which will show up on one of the five leaderboards in the lobby. Not only points leaderboards but longest drive and holes played too.

Just Swing is simple to use

The game itself is very simple to use you. To hit a ball, you have a load up button in the corner of your screen and all you need to do is hold the button until it reaches the top of the monitor and it will release the ball when you let go. There is a red flag on the monitor so it tells you when to release the ball. You want to make sure that the ball isn’t going over that red flag or under the red flag otherwise your shot will not work as well and will not go where you want it to go.

Me playing Just Swing

You don’t even have to know how to play golf to play the game, the game teaches you how to play itself. When the ball goes in the hole, you get points and I have now learnt how many points you gather from what you score, I like to try and get a par. Once you have finished a hole, I really like that you can spawn a golf cart and drive it around the place, but be careful they drive really really fast!

A few glitches

The only problem I have found so far is that sometimes when you hit the ball, the game glitches with the ball inside an object where it gets stuck for the whole round so you sadly have to miss out on that round.

The game is all about you learning new things about golf and having fun. I have already recommended this game to my friends and they said that it is quite easy once you get the hang of it.

Just Swing is different from all of my other games I play on Roblox in a good way, it is easier to use than you would expect it to be. The only thing I would change about the game is that the leaderboards should be global so you should be able to see the scores worldwide instead of just on your server.

Rating Just Swing

Overall, I like how the game has really fun and cool things to do because I love the maps and all the things I can buy with the coins that you can get from each round. I don’t play golf that much outside because I play other sports but I have asked Mum if she will take me out to play again soon.

I would give Just Swing 4.5 stars out of 5

‘Just Swing’ is available on the Roblox website and through other device apps, including Apple and Android.