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Recently, I heard from Women & Golf reader Lillian who has become exasperated by the behaviour of some of the male players at her golf club. What would you do in her situation?

Hi Emma,

I am at my wits end trying to work out how to cope with a situation on my golf course which happens more times than I care to remember.  I thought it might make an interesting question to pose to the readers and get their response. 

I golf in Ontario and at my course there is one particular tee box which is shared by both the 4th hole Par 5 and the 13th hole Par 3.  Most occasions I am golfing with my husband and if there are two groups on the tee box we are often invited to tee off first which is appreciated. 

However nine times out of ten the mostly male players in the other group are silent while my husband hits his tee shot but inevitably they start talking when I walk to the tee to address my ball. 

When we played today the same thing happened - silence for my husband teeing off but two guys started talking loudly in the middle of my back swing.  I am wondering how other readers would react to this situation and if they have found a solution? 

I have to admit I was so angry today that I said to my husband the next time it happens I am going to say something to the men but would prefer to remain polite while getting my point across.

I am sure many women have come across this situation on the golf course.  I find it particularly annoying as it can often ruin your tee shot although I am pleased to say today I went on to make my par notwithstanding the horrid shot due to the men chatting loudly. 

I am a decent golfer, single digit handicap and feel really incensed men cannot give the women the respect they deserve on the course.  I was chatting to my husband after we played that hole and I said incidents like that make me feel I should just give up golf but I know that isn’t the answer.

Anyway just thought I would get in touch to see if this topic can be discussed in an upcoming issue.

I really enjoy all the articles and info - keep up the good work.


Thank you Lillian for your email. I totally agree that it is a common courtesy to remain quiet when anyone is teeing off, or playing any shot for that matter. I wouldn't like to believe that this is a male/female issue but clearly, this appears to be the problem in your case.

I am sure you probably have already thought to do this but maybe a polite reminder that their talking is putting you off your tee shot could work. Alternatively, you could ask them directly why they feel it's acceptable to talk while you tee off but not your husband.

Personally, I don't like conflict, so I feel I'd end up with the third option, which is where you may be at. To stew over it internally and let it potentially ruin my round.

Let's see what other readers have experienced and how they have dealt with the situation.


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