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Let's kick start by looking back at a couple of letters from 2017, on a topic that is still very relevant today.

Golf Dress Codes for women

Dress for the occasion - Anonymous via email - Jul/Aug 2017

It’s important to feel confident playing on the golf course and wearing the right attire is part of that.

On the PGA tour all the professionals look smart and cool in their golfing gear and the women on the LPGA tour always look great in their stylish, often colourful golf gear.

However, I think the clothing Michelle Wie wears is inappropriate compared to her playing professionals. Her golf vests in particular are more suited to the gym, keep fit or yoga classes, certainly not on a golf course.  I know if we turned up to play in something similar, we wouldn’t’ be allowed on the course. Indeed, no golf course I know would allow such attire.

I think the LPGA have a responsibility to women golfers, particularly female junior golfers, to stop the wearing of this inappropriate clothing on the golf course. There are traditions after all and if the majority of LPGA pros are prepared to dress in appropriate golfing attire, shouldn’t Michelle Wie too?  It seems she’s allowed to get away with wearing what she likes just because of who she is.  It’s a poor example in my view.

In response in the following issue:

Dress for the occasion – an alternative view - Lesley Crawford, Belfast - Sept/Oct 2017

Michelle Wie is a sportswoman involved in a game which involves physical exertion and is often played in hot weather. Why shouldn’t she wear sports gear that allows her freedom of movement and an amount of cooling?

Traditions were often set in the past by people with a very different mindset and I think we would do well, in every aspect of life, to question the origins of many traditions especially when they appear to limit some people's freedom of choice. Women golfers are no longer wearing long, tweed skirts and presumably, the change to trousers and other types of clothing caused great controversy.

Golf equipment, courses and even the rules are changing and evolving so why shouldn't dress codes? Nobody is suggesting we all have to wear figure hugging tops (thankfully).

And has anyone else noticed the decreasing and woefully inadequate coverage of women's golf on the BBC Sports website - they should subtitle the golf section 'mostly men's golf'.

Do we still have an issue with dress codes and does it matter what women wear on the golf course? Join the discussion here.