The Golf Foundation’s new Junior Golf Passport, endorsed by the Professional Golfers’ Association, has led to more than 2,000 boys and girls enjoying coaching from a PGA Professional.

Officially launched in October, the Junior Golf Passport is the official learning programme for the England Golf Partnership and Golf Development Wales.

The youngsters have been linked successfully with PGA Pro’s to enjoy a start in learning the game at a golf club using the new scheme, which is part of the Golf Foundation’s national ‘HSBC Golf Roots’ programme. HSBC Golf Roots encourages children in schools and communities to enjoy golf and its benefits, introducing them in turn to golf facilities so they can become ready for regular play with the support of the club.

Hopes for growing interest in the Junior Golf Passport in the winter months among clubs and coaches are being realised, with 368 golf clubs and 449 PGA Professionals encouraging 2,105 children into golf through the scheme at the time of writing.


The Golf Foundation expects these numbers to rise into 2014, with a good growth period expected in the Spring with the start of more regular playing opportunities in better weather.

Project leader Sarah Tennyson, Marketing Manager for the Golf Foundation, said: “While these increases in participation demonstrate the appeal of the new Junior Golf Passport among children, parents and their professional coaches, we believe these PGA Professionals deserve particular praise for seizing the opportunity the Junior Golf Passport has created for them and the club itself.

“The PGA Professionals taking part understand that the Junior Golf Passport can enhance their coaching and business portfolio. Feedback is also showing us that youngsters are really enjoying the Junior Golf Passport and the fact that plenty of families are taking an interest is also great news. More family involvement at club level is leading to greater spending at the club venue, and that’s fantastic for the club.”

The Junior Golf Passport is ‘designed by coaches for coaches’, and features innovative thinking from coaching Professionals and expert support from the PGA. The Junior Golf Passport offers both an attractive paper booklet to be completed by child and Coach and a user-friendly interactive website ( for the same purpose.

The price to register for the Junior Golf Passport is £100.

PGA Pro’s can register now at
Or for further enquiries can call the Golf Foundation on 01992 449830