A new iPhone App, an all-in one personal golf assisant, that will benefit amateur and professional golfers alike is now available worldwide on the Apple App Store.



A new iPhone App, aye.golf,  that will benefit amateur and professional golfers alike is now available worldwide on the Apple App Store.

For the price of a decent golf ball, aye.golf, the all-in one Personal Golf Assistant, has no hidden additional in-app purchase costs or subscriptions. This makes it the most affordable way to use your iPhone to improve your all round golfing experience.

aye.golf stores an unlimited number of players, courses and rounds. It also includes a real-time GPS Rangefinder that will help you determine the exact distance of your next shot with an accuracy that rivals the most expensive stand-alone devices.

This innovative App is a product of aye.works, a company of Scottish P.G.A. professional golfers and IT experts with a very long family tradition in golf. This expertise and know-how has been leveraged to provide an App that is like having a 15th golf club in your bag.

Many professional golfers (or their caddies) keep accurate and detailed records of their rounds to identify key areas of their game to focus on. By simply recording a few extra details for each hole you play, aye.golf delivers professional-quality statistics and graphs to enable you to monitor your performance and improve your handicap.

Your information is translated into multiple real-time graphs that are the perfect companion to professional golf lessons, instantly saving you time and money.

A support website is available at www.aye.golf that contains a complete list of features, a comprehensive user manual, feedback possibilities and “Buggy” — the place to report issues and request new features. For example, in the very near future aye.golf will include a ‘crowd sourced’ library of golf courses supported by its users, who will be able to share their own courses, including photos and descriptions, for other golfers to download free of charge.

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