A new Roblox golf experience ‘Just Swing’ from The R&A and The Gang aims to engage new audiences and boost participation

The R&A has partnered with The Gang, a full service gaming studio building best-in-class branded immersive activations, to launch ‘Just Swing’, a new virtual golf experience on Roblox designed to reach new, diverse audiences and drive engagement and participation in the sport.

Players are introduced into the experience via the Club Hub, a bright and interactive version of a traditional golf clubhouse, before competing in a 9-hole adventure featuring challenging holes, alongside more fantastical settings. Participants can tee off in a magical underwater realm with coral and giant oysters, or take their swings amid a Wild West desert landscape, complete with cacti, sand dunes and cowboys.

At the start of each round, players will be transported to three randomly selected holes to play in a wide-range of fun challenges. Players must strategically navigate or utilise in-game obstacles such as explosive barrels that propel the user’s golf ball when hit, or Pinball-style bouncers that deflect the ball in unpredictable directions.

As players engage in daily challenges, they seek to improve their ranking and earn in-game currency. This virtual wealth can be exchanged at the virtual Pro Shop for exclusive user-generated content (UGC) items, including new golf clubs, attire, and accessories, all designed to enhance their performance on the course.

Just Swing Club Hub

The Club Hub also serves as an area where players can track and compare their scores on a modern, interactive leaderboard. Additionally, a Q&A section within the hub offers players the chance to earn extra currency and deepen their knowledge of golf.

This innovative new experience by The R&A and The Gang is a strategic move to introduce the sport to a broader audience through the engaging world of Roblox, leveraging the platform's 77 million daily users to foster a new generation of golf fans.

The ongoing collaboration with The Gang will see the launch of an Active Play initiative incorporated in ‘Just Swing’ this summer. Players will complete challenges to earn codes which they can redeem to access physical golf activities near them – a critical aspect for The R&A to inspire golf participation.

The Gang has also developed Roblex games for The All England Lawn Tennis Club (“Race to Wimbledon”), McLaren F1 (“McLaren F1 Racing Experience”) and Vans (“Vans World”).

Creating impact via a global online platform

Phil Anderton, Chief Development Officer at The R&A, said: “The development of 'Just Swing' on Roblox presents a unique opportunity to share the joy of golf with a new, diverse audience on a global platform.

"Our collaboration with The Gang allows us to offer an accessible and engaging entry point to the sport for people of all ages. By reaching out to players in the virtual realm, we can inspire them to take up the sport in the real world, fostering a new generation of golf enthusiasts and expanding the global golf community.”

Max Proctor, Managing Director at The Gang, added:

“Collaborating with The R&A to launch 'Just Swing' on Roblox has been an exciting opportunity to push the boundaries of what's possible in online gaming. We're proud to play a role in introducing the sport of golf to a new generation in a way that's innovative, accessible, and, above all, fun."

‘Just Swing’ is available on the Roblox website and through other device apps, including Apple and Android.