Research shows that rounds of golf played in October across Great Britain were up by 65 percent compared to 2019.

More promising figures about the golf industry have just been released, confirming that October was another excellent month for golf here in Great Britain.

Findings from Sports Marketing Surveys (SMS) show that rounds played in October were up by over 65 percent compared to 2019.

The results were taken from 80 of the 200 clubs included in SMS' survey across England, Scotland and Wales. The exact growth figure will be revealed in the year end results, which SMS will publish in January 2021.


But in a way this huge surge in interest in golf is bittersweet.

England is approaching the end of a four-week lockdown, clubhouses have been forced to close in parts of Scotland and Wales also had a two-week fire breaker.

This will inevitably do damage to the industry and the clubs in those areas.

Indeed, many golf clubs will be left frustrated at losing out on so much business and not being able to build on the success of the summer and autumn.

Plus, with the Masters generating such a buzz around golf, we could have seen so many people come back to the game or take it up this November.

But of course there's no use dwelling on what might have been.

At least it shows that the new enthusiasm for golf is one that has lasted long past the summer and the first lockdown. It also bodes well for 2021, which will hopefully be the best year yet for golf in Britain.

Plus, despite golf closing in April, the third quarter figures gathered show that the year-to-date rounds played were still above 2019 levels.

Whether November’s lost rounds plunge the annual figures back into decline or not remains to be seen.

Hopefully we can all get back out there as soon as possible and make sure the year ends on a high.

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