The Ladies European Tour players wants to educate the next generation in sun safety.


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A few months ago, we reported that the sun protection campaign Slip! Slap! Swing! by The Melanoma Fund was on a mission to get 500 golf clubs in the UK and Ireland officially ‘Sun Protection Accredited’ in 2020.

Well, to help them on their journey to make golf a more safe and sun-savvy sport, Ladies European Tour and Rose Series player Annabel Dimmock has joined the campaign as an ambassador.

She will be helping to spread the campaigns messages about the importance of practicing good sun safety whilst playing golf, and also try to encourage more golf clubs to take part.

Registration is free, and by following simple steps such as displaying awareness posters and educating staff and members, clubs can get access to a wealth of resources and also a free starter pack of suncream.

Speaking exclusively to W&G, Annabel said:

"I want to educate young people about what a big issue skin cancer is. Travelling to places like Australia I’ve noticed that they are really good at promoting the importance of sun protection but in the UK we really don’t seem to be.

To be honest I probably didn’t realise until the last year or two how important it is, before that I might have been like “oh I can’t be bothered putting cream on today”. It’s something that you need to be taught from a young age; I’m so glad that my mum nagged me over wear mine I’ve the years.

Whenever I’m teaching junior groups I always remind them to wear suncream. I don’t want to be annoying but they need to realise how vital it is. I’m naturally really fair skinned, so when it’s hot I’m always putting it on and I have to be careful not to burn.

Wearing suncream is probably still seen as not a very cool thing to do but if more young women who have influence over others did it then maybe more people will start taking it seriously. Even if I can convert just a few people I’ll be happy.”

Meanwhile, Michelle Baker, CEO of the Melanoma Fund is thrilled to have Annabel onboard.

She said:

“Each of our Slip! Slap! Swing! ambassadors has a unique story around sun protection, helping us resonate with everyone in golf. Spending time outdoors is highly beneficial to the mind and body, however it is easy to forget how accumulated sun - as well as a one-off sunburn - can adversely affect skin, short-term as well as long-term. We can all relate to that, but now is the time to do something to change it.

The good news is that skin cancer is, on the whole, preventable, and with the help of Annabel, and other inspiring golf industry professionals, we will get more golf clubs ‘Sun Protection Accredited’, actively building awareness, educating members and staff, and improving habits.”

For further details visit or contact Michelle HERE.

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