It's time to get ready as the 2024 Women's Golf Day weeklong celebrations kick off on May 28th

On Tuesday, May 28 at 10am (EST) Women’s Golf Day (WGD) 2024 gets underway with the annual WGD Palooza, a digital day calling for golfers to ‘Get Social – On and Off the Course’.  Uniting people through golf is fundamental to the ethos of WGD, which is why this digital day was established back in 2020 providing insights, entertainment, and celebrations of all things golf from around the globe.

In 2023 WGD’s social media performance delivered included 397,143 engagements, a reach of 92,179,471 and 194,920,049 impressions which is one of the reasons why this year WGD Palooza will be aired across the @womensgolfday social media channels. 

The content will have the same fun and entertaining videos and giveaways from WGD Partners and WGD itself and to maximize reach and accessibility it will sit permanently on the WGD YouTube and all social channels. 

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Women's Golf Day events throughout the week

As well as inviting the global golf community to Get Social at WGD Palooza, WGD is also encouraging women to Get Social at events around the globe.  When women are empowered to get involved in golf the results are spectacular, for instance in Japan where over 100 courses and 8 driving ranges have registered to hold events in 2024. 

"We have been working with the Japan Golf Association (JGA) and our Ambassador Mitsuru since 2022,” explains founder for Women’s Golf Day Elisa Gaudet. “I was fortunate to visit Tokyo and Kyoto in November and spend time with the JGA, some of the courses, industry leaders and MCO Accordia and it was very encouraging to witness firsthand the increasing interest from the industry as well as Japanese women.  This market is one we have focused our energies on and really want to help them grow female participation.”

The proven formula of WGD events allows for participation whatever your ability.  “Existing golfers are encouraged to bring a friend along to a WGD event,” continues Gaudet.

“Because the WGD format incorporates beginners as well as current golfers and has a social element, everyone has fun.  And that is what is important.  Golf can be hard to learn, but if people do that in a friendly, inclusive environment where they can see that playing golf means becoming part of a fantastic community, then people will come back.”

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