Flat screen TVs are nothing unusual, but Crown Golf is taking customer communications to a dazzling new level with Golf Club TV. Giant 55” digital screens will soon appear in their network of over 20 clubs.

The screens will show club announcements and golf course information, plus local weather, breaking news, golf tips, and general content from the world of golf, as well as short lifestyle features.

The content will be presented in a variety of 3-minute loops, and the screens will also carry both local and national advertising.

The high-definition, commercial-grade 2m-tall displays are stand-alone, upright units which will be placed in high traffic areas. The first five Crown Golf clubs – Merrist Wood, Hampton Court Palace and Pine Ridge in Surrey, Blue Mountain in Berkshire and Cams Hall Estate in Hampshire – will receive their Golf Club TV units later this month.

Golf Club TV is the brainchild of Julian Clogg, Managing Director at Surrey-based firm Leisure Media & Communications. He has over 20 years’ experience in developing outdoor and digital TV screen media networks in the UK.

“Golf Club TV is a culmination of experience gained across numerous different projects in this space, coupled with a love for the game and a willingness to help golf clubs take advantage of the modern technology available to them” he said.

“The public response at the London Golf Show was overwhelming, reinforcing our belief that golfers will thoroughly welcome these screens at their local club. Our first 30 golf club installations will be in place by the end of January 2014, and our long-term plan is to help all clubs in the UK & Ireland to improve their customer communications.”

Visitors to last week’s show were impressed by the Golf Club TV demo screen, which was running a promotion for Freedom Play alongside other demo content.

“It looks like a giant iPhone” said Middlesex golfer Brian Parker, 43. “You see a lot of new things at this show, but that’s really eye-catching. It’d be good if my local pro could put his best tips on there, like you get in the magazines.”

Historically, golf clubs post notices on corridor walls to promote events and give out customer information.

“The new Golf Club TV screens can be used as high-impact electronic club noticeboards, and will revolutionise even simple things like monthly medal results” said Julian Clogg. “They have the immediacy of the club’s social media output, but the visual impact will be much greater.

Crown Golf staff will be able to change Golf Club TV notices in real-time by accessing a passworded online control panel, and will also be able to use GCTV’s in-house graphics production team to create attractive on-screen promotions for forthcoming club events or special offers.

Golf Club TV screens are silent, and instead use captions and sub-titles. This is a proven formula for similar ‘out of home’ digital networks, and ensures that GCTV screens will not interrupt the atmosphere at the golf club.

Crown Golf will allow selected advertising campaigns to run from relevant brands, and will also open up a few slots for members and local businesses to promote their professional services.

As a service to golf clubs, Golf Club TV will broadcast golf content by Wi-Fi including real-time local weather, breaking news, financial information, golf tips, course conditions, club event information, club pro shop offers, staff or member news, birthday and anniversary messages, rules advice, Tour golf clips and interviews, prize competitions, charity announcements and other general club notices.

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