Golf - a sport #FOREeveryone. Hear how Nicola McCarthy rekindled her love for golf during lockdown and how important it is to make time to play

BBC 5 Live and BBC Sport broadcaster and presenter, Nicola McCarthy, has recently rediscovered golf again and has shared her story with The R&A as part of the #FOREeveryone campaign.

Nicola McCarthy’s Golf Story

Coming from a huge golfing family inevitably meant that I was going to be picking up a club from a young age. I played in my early 20s but then life, work and family got in the way, and it was left behind.

Over the last year I picked up the club again and realised that there is so much about the game that I love. It just gives you so much in terms of your physical health and keeping fit, as well as the social aspect, catching up with friends, meeting new people. It really is a community.

Sport is a huge part of my life and without it I was struggling so when golf was one of the first sports to open up during Covid, I decided that this was my time to pick up the clubs again and really get back into it. It was lifesaver in many ways.

Watch Nicola's golf story

I'm a mother of two young girls and I'm the first to admit that time is precious, but it isn’t easy to come by when work and life is busy, and on top of that you have children to care for, but it is doable, and I really would stress that time should be made.

You get two to four hours to unwind just have that fun, whilst having good craic with friends, as we call it in this part of the world. That truly is the beauty of golf, whilst surrounded by the beautiful nature the courses have to offer. I'm really thankful for those people that I've met and the club that I'm involved with.

It's great to see the efforts that The R&A are putting into growing women’s game, especially with this #FOREeveryone campaign, and also how they are making people aware of what is available to them, and often, very close to home.

Get involved with the #FOREeveryone Campaign

The #FOREeveryone campaign, led by The R&A, is designed to excite and encourage more women and girls to get involved in golf, whether trying it for the first time or coming back to the sport, by highlighting all the great mental and physical benefits it offers.

It’s not just those new or returning golfers who can get involved, everyone can play their part in making this happen.

As a golfer already, you can lend your support in a number of ways:

  • Forward this feature to your friends and family who you’ve been trying to get into golf or out on the course.  Encourage them to visit to see how they can give golf a try. 
  • Get your club signed up to the Women in Golf Charter and join the 800+ clubs who are already signatories
  • Take on the role of Charter Champion, helping to drive change at your club
  • Simply just help spread the word!

A game #FOREeveryone