Christmas list alert! The new flagship SkyCaddie Touch is now available and offering a free 12-month membership plus a dozen Bridgestone balls adding over £75 in value to each purchase.

Christmas list alert! The new flagship SkyCaddie Touch is now available and offering a free 12-month membership plus a dozen Bridgestone balls adding over £75 in value to each purchase.

Adding over £75 in value in an incredible launch promotion are not one but two free gifts: a 12-month Birdie Membership, giving TOUCH buyers a year’s free and unlimited access to SkyGolf’s unparalleled TrueGround Course Maps in the UK and Republic of Ireland; plus a box (one dozen) of Bridgestone’s advanced four-piece B330-RX golf balls, which give maximum distance plus Tour-level high-spin feel and control around the greens.

Whenever you want to refresh maps on the TOUCH, it has a  built-in Bluetooth technology to link with the free SkyGolf 360 App to link to your smart phone to download the very latest alterations to the 35,000 ready-to-play, exclusive and error-corrected global HoleVue golf course maps – inspired by Tour yardage books - which are pre-loaded. Having the option to download maps in this way, ensures you play that day with the very latest and most accurate course information.

You can also use its Bluetooth capability to sync the TOUCH post-golf to the online SkyGolf 360 Member Community, to see instant stats and graphs of the round you have just played.

The SkyCaddie TOUCH next-generation GPS rangefinder is therefore a true step forwards for the DMD market. Now, simply by connecting to the SkyGolf 360 App, every TOUCH owner can step onto the first tee knowing that they will be playing with the most accurate and up-to-date golf course information, and they can also analyse their game quickly and easily in the comfort of the clubhouse afterwards.

Another leap ahead for the DMD market, is the ability to download new, onDemand Vivid HD course graphics for up to 100 of your favourite golf courses. These new HD graphics give incredible and previously-unobtainable visual detail for each hole.

With several hundred exclusive TrueGround Targets per course, all created by SkyCaddie’s professional mapping team to help beginners up to elite level to improve course management, the TOUCH is pre-loaded with a staggering amount of golf course data.

To enable total access to its highly accurate and interactive course maps the IPX-7 water-resistant TOUCH offers 'glove-friendly' touch-sensitive easy-to-use navigation with a high-resolution, sunlight-readable, glare-resistant brilliant colour 3-inch HD LCD display. Its rechargeable, lithium-ion polymer battery gives up to 14 hours of play on a single charge.

With in-play views such as the visually-stunning Dynamic RangeVue and Interactive HoleVue giving TOUCH owners different viewing options, including the ability to zoom into the map, allowing you to  closely examine TrueGround yardages throughout the hole and set your own target points including quick layups with a touch of the finger.

When shooting for the green, SkyCaddie’s patented IntelliGreen technology gives them comprehensive, dynamic green information from their angle of attack. With SkyCaddie mappers having walked the circumference of every green, only SkyCaddie owners have such accurate data about their all-important approach shot.

After purchase, golfers register their new TOUCH to activate their free 12-month Birdie Membership, giving them access to SkyGolf’s full UK & Republic of Ireland course map database plus unlimited real-time updates, or they can upgrade to SkyCaddie’s Eagle or Double Eagle Membership plans, which add Europe, Middle East & Africa or Worldwide course maps respectively.

All Memberships also grant full access to the powerful SkyGolf 360 online community, where they can track their game and add enjoyment to their golf by saving and tracking scores, analysing their key performance stats to reveal strengths and weaknesses, and share success with other SkyCaddie customers.

On the golf course, TOUCH has advanced ergonomic features which put the information you most often need right there on the screen just when you need it – intelligently and automatically. The prime example is the handy Rotating Auto-View feature which allows TOUCH owners to quickly move between the eagle’s-eye HoleVue screen, the IntelliGreen green analysis screen or the
Digital Scorecard screen, with a simple turn of the wrist.

With other top-of-the-range Hands-Free Automation features including Auto-Course Recognition, Auto-Hole Advance and Auto-Distance Display, plus the ability to store up to 20 rounds’ data between syncs, plus Stat Tracking, Shot Distance Measurement and Pace-of-Play Timer, the SkyCaddie TOUCH is the ultimate GPS rangefinder for all serious golfers.


RRP: £329.95
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