The Golf Union of Wales have become the first sports governing body in Wales to earn an insport bronze award for their work in making the sport more inclusive for disabled people.

The award is thanks to work from Golf Development Wales bringing disabled people into golf and making the game more inclusive.

Golf Union of Wales director of development Hannah Fitzpatrick and lead officer on disability Zoe Thacker were presented with the award on behalf of the Golf Union of Wales by Jon Morgan, executive director of Disability Sport Wales.

One scheme at Glyn Abbey golf club near Llanelli attracted 140 disabled participants, while the Vale of Glamorgan have been running coaching for deaf golfers and there have also been initiatives to train club professionals in more inclusive coaching techniques.

“I was delighted to present the insport Bronze Award for national governing bodies to Golf Development Wales,” said Jon Morgan.

He continues, “It demonstrates the commitment of the Golf Union of Wales and in particular its Development section working towards full inclusion of disabled people in their sport. The sport has already achieved their ribbon award and are working through the silver level towards the ultimate award, the gold. They are the first sports governing body in Wales to reach the bronze award which is fantastic recognition for their efforts.”

“It is not just the work they do with local clubs, regional activities and inclusive coaching programmes, they also understand the importance of the link between their work as a national governing body, the local authorities plans and the club sector to make it a seamless pathway through  golf for disabled people.”

“They absolutely share our vision which is to transform the lives of people with a disability through the power of their sport. We are now challenging all sports to think about how they can include disabled people in coaching, officiating, volunteering and of course taking part as well.”

“We have tremendous backing from our partners at the St James's Place Foundation, as well as Sport Wales for the insport programme which is now growing across the nation. The Golf Union have become a real champion in the promotion of insport to other sports governing bodies and we are grateful for their support.”

“They are passing on the message about the impact that insport has had in their sport and that is really a perfect result for us.”