Travel for the purpose of playing golf is allowed under the new lockdown in Scotland, Scottish Golf has confirmed.

Travelling in Scotland is currently only allowed for 'essential purposes'.

When the new lockdown was first announced on January 4 golfers in Scotland were asked to "stay local and only play at courses close to home".

But Scottish Golf has since clarified that golf is covered by the 'travel for essential purposes' clause for Scottish residents only.

Scottish Golf’s chief operating officer Karin Sharp said: “Golfers must stay close to home, travel only for essential purposes (which includes golf as part of the permitted exercise activities) and in line with the new legislation. As with all of our Covid-19 guidance, this is subject to further change which can take place at short notice."

As we previously reported, golf courses will be able to stay open in Scotland with play restricted to one and two-balls with people from up to two different households.

We've since found out that outdoor coaching is also still permitted but only on a one-to-one basis with a coach and one pupil over 12. Groups of up to 30 under 12s are allowed to be coached outside for junior sessions too.

The statement from Scottish Golf continued to say: “We are in a unique and privileged position in Scotland with our golf courses being permitted to stay open and we respectfully ask that everyone adapts their operations accordingly to ensure that every facility continues to adhere to the revised guidelines.

“In doing so we can, as a sport, play our part in minimising further spread of the virus, whilst ensuring that golfers across Scotland can continue to enjoy the many health benefits from playing golf.”

This latest lockdown in Scotland is expected to last until at least the end of January.

You can view the full statement from Scottish Golf HERE.