The Staffordshire girls open day was held last week to showcase the county and the game to new golfers and explain the county’s player development pathway

On Sunday, March 6 the Staffordshire Junior Girls Section held their open day at 3 Hammers Golf Academy in Wolverhampton to welcome the next intake of girls. The aim of the day was to introduce these girls to golf, showcasing what the county has to offer with regards to coaching and the development pathway.

The day was opened by a welcome from this year’s Junior Captain Holly Branson followed by a further introduction from the Staffordshire Junior Organiser, Nel Boulton. The main message shared with the group by Nel was about friendships, fun and partnerships that are gained and grown through playing golf. 

Staffordshire County girls open day 1
L-R - Katrina White (PGA Pro – Staffs County Coach), Kate Smith (Sandwell Park GC), Maria Tiffany Thompson (Brocton Hall GC), Rob Bluck, Holly Branson (Beau Desert GC – Junior County Captain 2022), Olive Whittle (Beau Desert GC), Rory Haigh (PGA Pro – Staffs County Coach)

In total 32 girls were in attendance with their parents. Due to the popularity of the open day, two sessions needed to be run rather than the original one that was planned. The parents listened to a presentation by Rob Bluck, Head Coach for Staffordshire girls and 3 Hammers Golf Academy Director, taking them through the process of the pathway and how the six training sessions work.

Meanwhile, the girls were split into three groups and taken to various workstations on the range to have fun with other members of Rob’s coaching team. These groups were also joined by another three of our Staffordshire Elite County players, Kate Smith, Maria Tiffany Thompson and Olivia Whittle who were all on hand to help.

A fun day for all involved

Annette Deeley, President of Staffordshire Ladies’ County Golf Association (SLCGA), said:

“When chatting with some of the girls later it was so pleasing to hear and see their excitement of the day. One said she just loved hitting the ball as hard as she could with a driver, another loved everything of the day, another loved the putting games. Others just could not stop talking to new friends they had just made. It was obvious a lot a fun was had.”

On leaving they all received a little reminder of the day in the way of SLCGA ball markers, tees and pencils.

Staffordshire County girls open day 2
Staffordshire Junior girls Open Day

Rob Bluck, commented:

“It has been fantastic to host Staffordshire County Girls Pathway Open Day. I was truly overwhelmed by the response and super impressed with the level of skill. It was also really cool to have our existing Elite County Players along supporting this event and acting as mentors. To be honest, I’ve really missed delivering occasions like this as it really does remind me of how important this pathway is for the girls, for me and the team.  

“It’s really inspiring and I can’t wait to see how they progress over the coming year.”

Here’s a brief outline of the Staffordshire County Girls Development Pathway 2022:

  1. Staffs Futures ‘Solheim’ Squad
    Girls aged 6-12 years old – development coaching, no official handicap needed, 6 x 2 hour sessions of  fun golf (part funded by SLCGA)
  1. Development Squad
    Girls aged 8-16 years old. Active member of an affiliated Staffordshire club with WHS handicap 19-36(part funded by England Golf and part funded by SLCGA). 6 x 2 hours structured programme.
  1. Advanced Development Squad
    Active member of an affiliated Staffordshire club with WHS handicap 7-18, (part funded by England Golf part funded and part funded by SLCGA). 6 x 2 hours structured programme.
  1. Elite Performance Squad
    Member of an affiliated Staffordshire club with WHS index 0-6 (part funded by England Golf and part funded by SLCGA). 6 x 3 hour structured programme.
  1. Staffs County Girls Player
    Member of an affiliated Staffordshire club with WHS handicap six and below.

To find out more, please visit the Staffordshire Ladies County Golf Association website here.