Scotscraig Golf Club in Tayport, Scotland have introduced gender neutral tees which aims to foster inclusivity for all golfers playing at the club.

Scotscraig Golf Club has announced the introduction of gender-neutral tees on its course, aimed at enhancing the golf experience for all players. This move allows golfers to choose tees based on skill level instead of gender, promoting inclusivity and enjoyment for everyone.

Traditional gender-based tees have presented challenges for many golfers, leading to slow play and decreased satisfaction. Scotscraig Golf Club's decision to adopt gender-neutral tees addresses these concerns, making the game more accessible and enjoyable for all players.

Liam Greasley, General Manager at Scotscraig Golf Club, said:

"The addition of gender-neutral tees showcases our dedication to creating an inclusive environment. We believe this change will improve the golf experience for players of all skill levels and genders."

Scott Edwards, Club Captain, added:

"This is an important development for golf. Offering gender-neutral tees allows players to engage in a more satisfying experience, leading to greater enjoyment of the sport."

Ladies Captain Ruth Swanston also expressed her support, stating:

"Gender-neutral tees break down barriers and promote camaraderie among players. It's an excellent way to encourage more people to play golf at Scotscraig."

Scotscraig Golf Club invites golfers of all abilities to try the new gender-neutral tees and join the club in promoting an inclusive approach to the game.

Find out more about Scotscraig Golf Club here.

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