A petition has been launched to 'allow golf to be played with appropriate safety measures' in England.

The last petition to allow golf courses to reopen in England generated over 250,000 signatures in 24 hours. But still it wasn't enough to get the government to let golf reopen.

But now, with the country already back in lockdown and golf courses closed under the new restrictions, a new petition has been launched in an attempt to let golf resume.

Titled 'Allow golf to be played with appropriate safety measures', you can sign the petition on the government's website HERE.

It asks signatories to support the following claim:

"The Government should allow golf courses to remain open during the second lockdown, and any future restrictions. Shops and clubhouses can close, but courses should be allowed to remain open, with social distancing in place.

"The risk of Covid transmission is lower outdoors, so there is no reason for golf to be stopped. It provides important exercise for many people and has numerous mental health benefits. Don’t allow golf to be stopped."

It all sounds reasonable to us, but whether it will be enough to make a difference, is doubtful.

So far the new petition has just over 2,000 signatures.

If it gets over 10,000 the government will respond to it, and if it gets over 100,000 it will be considered for debate in parliament.

This is the third time golf courses in England have been forced to close due to coronavirus restrictions.

This is despite the Secretary of State hearing the case for golf to remain open and the golf industry pulling together to challenge the decisions and prove that the sport can be played safely.

You can get the link to share the petition on social media HERE.