HowDidiDo’s new-look booking page allows you to plan your golfing calendar with ease

HowDidiDo, Europe’s largest online golf community, has further enhanced its reputation as the leading ‘one-stop shop‘ for club golfers with the launch of a new booking page that allows players to secure both casual and competition rounds on the same page for the first time.

Featuring an improved user interface and faster response times, the state-of-the-art software is simple to use and removes the need for golfers to use multiple apps to book upcoming games of golf.

The new-look booking page can be accessed directly from the HowDidiDo app’s timeline via a new booking button. Golfers can use the calendar feature to see a daily tee sheet for their selected date, which displays available tee times and any competitions on that day.

Upcoming competitions can also be viewed directly in one place, allowing for quick and easy sign-ups, while golfers can add playing partners, manage services such as buggy or trolley rental, and pay competition fees during the process. And with all bookings now being shown on the same page, golfers will be able see all their future rounds allowing them to plan their golfing calendar with ease.

Making life easier for golfers

Richard Peabody, CEO of HowDidiDo Media and Managing Director of Club Systems International, said:

“We are always looking at ways to improve the services that we offer to our members and some of the feedback that we received from club golfers was that they wanted a more streamlined way of organising their golf.

“The creation of the booking platform means that we can offer competition results, score entry and all tee-time booking on one free solution, making life much easier all-round for golfers. We’re confident that it will prove very popular with our members and HowDidiDo can truly claim to be a one-stop shop for all golfers’ needs.”

The launch of the booking page is the latest new feature to be unveiled by HowDidiDo as the leading online golf platform continues to go from strength to strength following the recent surge in golfers in the UK and Ireland.

Large increase in HowDidiDo users

The latest figures for HowDidiDo revealed that, over the last two years, the number of page views on the site rose by nearly 146 per cent to an incredible 141,858,672 views, while the number of golfers using the platform has increased by 57.2 per cent.

In the ‘Today’s Golf’ section of the site – the area that allows to golfers sign in for competitions, add scores and view live leaderboards – there have been nearly 8.9m interactions over the same period, while the regular upgrade and introduction of new software of its free-to-download mobile app has seen numbers grow in record amounts.

With new features including the innovative Mobile Score Input (MSi) function – allowing all golf club members across Great Britain and Ireland to enter their own and their marker’s competition scores safely and quickly through their own mobile device – the app has revolutionised the visibility and control its users have over their handicaps, completely transforming and modernising the way golfers can input their scores and keep track of their performance.

The app has achieved 754,600 total downloads on iOS and Android devices, an increase of 47 per cent since the original app was redesigned in 2019, while the number of handicap qualifying rounds recorded was 3,537,959 rounds – a rise of 336,000 despite the UK and Ireland lockdown restrictions.

What is HowDidiDo?

The HowDidiDo system, part of the solution offered to golf clubs by Club Systems International software, holds data from 128.9 million rounds of golf, along with handicaps, results and scores from nearly a million golf club members.

HowDidiDo allows members to analyse their game and compare performance with other players at their club or across the entire HowDidiDo network and is rapidly becoming the largest online social golfing hub in the world, with new, engaging and exciting content for golfers to enjoy. It is also used for official CONGU and WHS handicap and competition results. 

As Europe’s largest online community, HowDidiDo has more than 750,000 club golfers from 1,600-plus registered clubs using the website or mobile app regularly across the UK and Ireland. 

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