Muslim women took to the golf course for the first time as part of a ground-breaking new coaching programme launched by the Muslim Golf Association and

I came away totally inspired after a 20-minute chat with Muslim Golf Association CEO Amir Malik, his passion for golf was evident and even more so when it came to wanting other Muslims to gain the personal, social and health benefits that the sport offers. That is why he set up the Association back in 2019.

Amir has many plans and is already running successful golf days for the Association. His latest drive, as we ease out of Covid-19 restrictions, is to introduce the game to women and that is what he started last Saturday with the help of

A taster session at Stonebridge Golf Club

The introductory experience at Stonebridge Golf Club near Coventry sold out within 12 hours, with 25 women attending and more than 40 on a waiting list.

I was hoping to attend in person, but family commitments got in the way, so I was pleased to receive an update on how the day went.

PGA Professional Hannah Crump hosted the fun-filled 90-minute experience and if you watch the video highlights below you can see why Hannah was so pleased with how the session went, she told me:

“Leading the session on Saturday was one of my greatest working days. The interaction and enjoyment experienced by all the women was just amazing.

“Turning faces of fear and anticipation into delight and smiles was a sign of a great day. I’m very excited to continue on this amazing golfing journey with this group of women.”

One of the participants, Fahra Bhatti, one of the participants, said:

“Today was phenomenal. It totally exceeded expectations and everyone is absolutely buzzing from the session. If you’d told me a year ago I would be playing golf, I wouldn’t have believed you, but here I am. I absolutely loved it and the atmosphere was so fun, encouraging and supportive.

“I have always thought of golf as a sport for white, middle-class men, but today has shown me that it’s not and anyone can enjoy it.”

Watch and hear the reaction of the women as they try golf for the very first time: is an empowering group coaching experience for women which takes place out on the golf course, in a rewarding environment that gives them the freedom to explore a new skill, discover their potential and bond with a supportive group of like-minded women.

Amir described the day as "history being made"

“I’ve been inundated with messages from the women who took part. They thoroughly enjoyed their experience and are eager to continue."

Amir continued:

“The level of take-up for the day was unprecedented. It’s triggered enquiries from all corners of the UK and now we want to take the experience to as many Muslim women as possible.”

Alastair Spink, Head Coach and Founder of, added: “The day has demonstrated the power of making people feel welcome in an environment they would not typically expect to be.

“We’re all incredibly buoyed by the success of the day and excited about the potential to bring this experience to many more Muslim women.”

Following the success of the event at Stonebridge Golf Club, plans are currently being put in place for more taster days in select UK cities.

There are exciting times ahead for the Muslim Golf Association and their drive to get more Muslim women into golf. I will be hosting a Q&A with Amir soon, so please do let me know if you have any questions – drop me an email here.