Mother and Daughter Jo and Victoria Mayfield become Ladies’ County Captain and Junior County Captain of Leicestershire and Rutland Ladies County Golf – in the same year.

Leicestershire and Rutland County Captains Joanne and Vicky Mayfield

This month, mother and daughter Jo and Victoria Mayfield took on their roles as Ladies’ County Captain and Junior County Captain of Leicestershire and Rutland Ladies County Golf. And they have both have some big plans for the future …

By Charlotte Ibbetson

Both good golfers, and both with big plans to shake up the game for good, Women & Golf caught up with Jo and Victoria to find out how they’re feeling about their joint captaincy years and what they’ve got in store. One thing's for certain, it’s going to be a fun year for the women of Leicestershire and Rutland – watch out!

It must be such an honour to serve as captains in the same year. How do you both feel?

Jo: I’m totally honoured! It’s so lovely that we get to do this together. When I was asked to be captain two years ago I was really pleased, but now that Victoria will be junior captain, I’m delighted.

Victoria: I'm so excited, we've got a great junior squad and the atmosphere is brilliant. I was so grateful to be asked to be junior captain and was even more excited when I found out it would be the same year as my mum being captain for the ladies’ squad.

What do you both hope to achieve in your captaincy years?

Jo: I have two years as Captain, and in that time, my goal is to get to the County Finals – and that would mean winning our annual County Week first! It’s something that hasn’t been achieved in this county for a few years, but I think it’s a great way to encourage more junior girls into the game, to give them something to aspire to.

Victoria: The big goal this year for us as juniors is to win the MNR junior league. As far as we know, in the new format, Leicestershire have never won the league before. We've got a great first team for next year, with four out of five of us being off single figures, so we're pretty determined to win. I also hope to improve the relationship between the older, more experienced girls and the younger and newer ones, to make them feel welcome in the county.

How did you both get into golf?

Jo: I’ve played for 33 years, and I got involved because of my dad. He played regularly and I just tagged along. I was hooked pretty quickly, and now golf just runs in our family!

Victoria: I got into golf through my parents, both of them play and to a high standard so naturally I started to play. I saw the love and drive they both had for the game which spurred me on and they've both always encouraged me to play no matter what standard I get to. What really kept me engaged in golf was seeing other girls play and the friendships that I have formed through the game.

What advice would you give to women or girls who are interested in taking up golf?

Jo: Just give it a go, it really is the best sport you can play. Get yourself to a pitch and putt or short nine-hole course and just go for it. You don’t have to start with lessons, but as well as learning the basics, it’s a great way to meet more new starters and just have fun.

Victoria: Just go for it, it doesn't matter how good you are as long as you enjoy it.

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