Golf Ireland has announced that golf courses in the Republic of Ireland can reopen from Tuesday, December 1.

Today brought good news for golfers in Ireland as it was revealed that the national lockdown will be lifted next Tuesday, leaving them free to getback out and enjoy their local courses.

However, the reopening in Ireland comes with a few rules including that golfers must not travel outside of their county to play golf and that there should be no social gatherings of any size at golf clubs.

But, from December 18 to January 6, golfers CAN travel to another county to play as restrictions are eased over the Christmas period.

Pro shops and all retail outlets can also open on Tuesday while bars and restaurants can reopen on December 4 and serve takeaway until then.

Golf Ireland CEO Mark Kennelly said: “The golf community is pleased that courses can reopen from Tuesday. Golfers welcome the opportunity to resume play on a responsible and safe basis, as they did during the May to October period.

“The governing bodies are issuing renewed guidance to our member clubs today and we strongly urge all golfers to continue to fully adhere to these protocols which are aimed at keeping golf and the wider community safe while the Covid-19 pandemic remains such a serious threat. We also ask golfers to fully comply with the wider public health restrictions, particularly the travel restrictions that will remain in place until 18th December.

“Earlier this year, Irish golf demonstrated how our sport could be enjoyed by women and men of all ages in a safe and secure environment. As golf resumes, we hope that golfers enjoy their play but continue to be vigilant in adhering to the safety protocols”.

You can see the full details of the new restrictions in Ireland HERE.