Jo Carter was quick to give her husband some friendly banter after scoring a hole-in-one just two months after he did at Farrington Park Golf Club in Somerset.

Shaun and Jo Carter

Jo Carter was quick to give her husband some friendly banter after scoring a hole-in-one just two months after he did.

Husband Shaun, 55, who plays off 24, was delighted when he produced his moment of magic on the 178-yard, par-3 10th hole at Farrington Park GC – where both he and his wife hold membership.

He said: “As is the norm for a 24-handicapper, I was following a poor 26-point Saturday with a really good 42 point Sunday. I narrowly missed the hole on our short 120-yard fifth and it appeared that nearly every shot I took was going where I intended.

“Desperate for a handicap cut, I was totally focussed on the scoring so when I lost sight of my ball on the 10th, I wasn’t very happy. My partner and I searched for the ball – left, right, behind the green – without luck.

“I was just about to take the buggy back to the tee when I happened to glance in the hole on the way past, at which point I saw my little ball staring back at me. It didn’t really sink in until we signed cards at the end of the round and I saw one for five points on the card.”

But, just two months later, wife Jo – who plays off 19 – was quick to prove she could match her husband when she registered an ace on the par-3 5th at the same club.

She said: “A touch of local knowledge made the shot – off a left-hand bank and straight into the hole – total shock.

“Back in the clubhouse my husband was not impressed as he’s been flashing his watch at me ever since he had his hole-in-one. Still, he couldn’t have been too upset as he organised the jugs of Pimm’s for us once we finished.”

But all’s well that ends well and the friendly rivalry has resulted in each golfer being rewarded with a limited-edition BOSS timepiece and membership of the exclusive BOSS Watches H1Club.

The luxury German brand has once again pledged to reward club golfers with an exclusive watch for every hole-in-one recorded during a club competition in 2015, after giving away more than £1m-worth of limited-edition timepieces since its launch in 2013 – and the Carters are among the latest to achieve the feat this year.

The scheme is open to any golfer whose club uses HowDidiDo – a free-to-use, web-based social network for golfers – and anybody playing in official club competitions is eligible. Currently, more than 1,800 clubs use the website.