Just days after Tyrrell Hatton won the BMW Championship wearing a hoodie, an English golf club has issued a statement declaring that hoodies are "not acceptable golf attire".

You'd think that living through a pandemic would help people realise what really matters wouldn't you?

But it seems that the shock of seeing BMW PGA Championship winner Tyrrell Hatton wearing a hoodie was enough to make one golf club TIGHTEN its own dress code rules.

Presumably scared that their own golfers would all start turning up in hoodies (oh, the horror), a golf club in the North East of England sent out a statement to all its members, reminding them that golf hoodies are not allowed at the venue.

Highlighted by Twitter account The Club, the email said: "In light of Tyrell Hattons recent success and fashion statement and following discussions on this, can I draw your attention to the Clubs dress code and re emphasise that "hoodies" are not acceptable golf attire, no more so in fact than designer ripped jeans."

Well, that's them certainly told.

The message was also posted on the club's website, where the dress code details seem to have been recently updated with the line "Hoodies are not acceptable".

Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion, and we're sure that many golfers and golf club feel the same.

But still many have jumped on the post by The Club, ridiculing the golf venue in question for their decision.

What do you think?

Is it right to clamp down and put a stop to any hoodie wearing in golf?

Or is this exactly the OPPOSITE of what we want if we're trying to grow the game and make it more accessible to all?

(We know where we stand).