Golf clubs in Ireland are required to close for six weeks due to intensified COVID-19 measures, but Cregmore Park near Galway is keeping its course open to help maintain the mental wellbeing of local members.

The Irish venue is closing the clubhouse and facilities due to intensified regulations, but is keeping the course open just for members who live within a five kilometre radius.

The Golfing Union of Ireland (GUI) and Irish Ladies Golf Union (ILGU) announced yesterday (October 21) that all golf clubs must close for six weeks as part of Level 5 COVID-19 restrictions.

But proprietor of Cregmore Park, Ronan McGrath, responded to the statement from the GUI by tweeting that he would remain open in order to look after the mental health of his members.

He said: "Parks are open nationwide for people to exercise and maintain their mental health. Our golf course is no different for our members who live within the 5km zone. There is no other facility close by for them to avail of during the next six weeks. We commit to looking after them."

The new restrictions state that people are still allowed to exercise within a five kilometre radius from their homes.

As golf is of course a form of exercise and there is nothing stating that it doesn't count as such, it seems to us that Mr McGrath and Cregmore Park aren't breaking or defying any laws by allowing paid members who live within five kilometres to still use the course.

In fact, we think he will be helping those applicable members immensely.

The new restrictions came in at midnight last night, and Mr McGrath confirmed today (October 22) that they were indeed still open to members who lived within the required area.

With golf providing such a vital way of unwinding and relaxing during this difficult period, we can imagine that this news will be a huge relief to those members living locally.

Do you think more Irish clubs should do the same? Let us know.