Annual themed golf day raises spirits and voices as Hannah Ralph continues to embrace her year as Lady Captain

Last November we shared the rather unique story about Hannah Ralph becoming the first professional Lady Captain at Cowdray Golf Club in Sussex.

Hannah had been a member of the golf club since she was 10-years-old and with many of her family previously involved at Cowdray, she was thrilled to become the first professional Lady Captain at the club. She played on the Ladies European Tour between 2010 and 2016.

Vice-Captain Gill Dover

Hannah Ralph Cowdray Golf Club
Hannah Ralph and Gill Dover

Alongside Hannah in her year as Captain is Vice-Captain Gill Dover. Gill started playing golf in 2008, when her son went to university because she believed would have more time on her hands without anyone to look after at home. Little did she realise how much golf would take over her life!

Talking about her golf journey she said:

"Golf had been a sport I'd always wanted to play and as a games teacher I had played most sports but never tried Golf. I quickly learned that it was a long road to success!

"After playing on the par 3 for about 9 months , I ventured timidly onto the main course and loved the challenge even though I was terrified at first. Having gained a handicap, I played and played and quickly came down enough that I was asked to play in friendlies and then division matches.

"One of the great things about golf are the varieties of games you can play and there is something for everyone, competitive to social."

Lady Captain v Vice-Captain match

Hannah Ralph Cowdray Golf Club
Mamma Mia v Sound of Music

And being social is a big part of ladies golf at Cowdray, in particular the Lady Captain versus Vice-Captain match, an annual themed event. Two teams, two themes! This year it was Lady Captian Team Mamma Mia versus Vice-Captain Team Sound of Music.

The greensomes format made for a fun competition which allowed for some newer members to join in. In fact, they had so much fun that they are now going to work on getting their handicaps.

Team Mamma Mia were triumpant - in more ways than the outfits and to keep things "on theme" there was a sing-off to finish the day!

I hope you can join us in congratulating all involved for looking so fabulous!

Back to the day job!

As well as her Lady Captian duties, Hannah is also a coach at Cowdray, where she teaches both men and women of all abilities and also runs Junior sessions.

Hannah is passionate about coaching every client to their individual needs. In addition to improving technical skills Hannah sees her role as helping with a player’s mental attitude which is so crucial to golfers at all levels.

So the wigs have had to be retired and the normal dress code adhered to as Hannah gets back to her coaching after a fun-filled Lady Captain v Vice Captain competition.

What has your golf club been up to this summer? Do you hold themed events? We'd love to hear from you. Drop us an email here.