W&G REVIEW: Bettinardi Golf, the USA specialist milled manufacturer, has introduced two new stylish Queen B putters. Here our editor Alison Root, takes the compact mallet Queen B7 out on the greens...

Bettinardi Golf, the specialist milled manufacturer, based in Chicago, USA, has introduced two new Queen B models – Queen B6 with a wide body, face-balanced blade and Queen B7, a compact mallet with a ridge-milled neck.

W&G Editor, Alison Root, says: "The Queen B7 is designed for aspiring male and female golfers, however, the purple logo at the corner of the face, purple detailing at the bottom of the putter head, combined with a Savannah Blue PVD finish, makes it more highly attractive to the female golfer. Let’s also not forget the stylish purple head cover!

"This putter features Bettinardi’s trademarked micro honeycomb face-milling technology to offer a crisper and firmer feel when making a stroke. It certainly does that and has a solid feel all round including the sound off the face. Initially it did feel a little heavy when making a stroke, not what I would call effortless from any distance, but once I relaxed and allowed the putter to do all the work, the results were encouraging especially on those putts you should make, but can easily miss! Inevitably I became far more confident at address and the elongated sightline and the feel of the white, flat grip also helped.

"The Bettinardi Queen B7 does have a hefty price tag at £279, but as your putter is the most important club in the bag, if you have an opportunity to try one, I suggest you do so as it might well be one of your better investments – if it doesn’t save you pounds, it will probably save you shots!"

RRP: £279 For both the Queen B6 and B7
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