Transfer your golf clubs abroad for less with a 10 percent discount off Luggage Mule services.

Transporting your golf clubs by airplane normally comes at an annoying extra cost.

And, like us, we're sure that you want to jump at every chance you get to play golf abroad, so it would be a real shame if logistics got in the way.

So we've teamed up with Luggage Mule to offer you a cheaper way of taking your clubs on holiday with you.

W&G Members can let others take the strain out of golf & luggage travel & save.  

Luggage Mule operates a door to door service which enables you to send your golf clubs and other luggage ahead of you, so you can travel light and hassle free.

Luggage Mule operates throughout the UK and to all of Europe plus many other inter-continental destinations.  

It's super easy to use too.

Luggage Mule will pick your up your bag from home, work or where ever suits you and provide you with a tracking code so you can follow its progress.

All you need to do is enter code WOMENGOLF at the checkout on the Luggage Mule website.

For more information and to claim your discount visit