Available in a chiller cabinet near you, Upbeat is the new tasty and nutritious, high protein, low fat drink, providing you with sustenance on the go. Stay focused on the fairways!

Packed full of fresh protein and the finest fruit puree, Upbeat helps you to get the right amount of protein you need to support your natural stamina – you know, the stuff inside that gets you out of bed and fuels you through the day!

It’s sometimes difficult to keep to a healthy balanced diet when you are on the go. Protein is a core part of a balanced diet, yet it is often neglected. To make the most of protein you need to spread it out throughout the day.

It’s best to have protein as part of every meal and snack - not always easy if you're on the go. Available in a convenient 250ml bottle, Upbeat is a truly healthy drink that helps you to get your protein when life takes over. What is more, the protein in Upbeat is from whey (a high quality protein that’s found naturally in milk) that contains all nine essential amino acids, that your body cannot make so must come from the diet.

Free from artificial colours and flavours and with half the sugar found in most fruit juices and smoothies, Upbeat is available in two delicious real fruit flavours: Mango & Passion Fruit or Strawberry. Made from fresh British milk Upbeat is a good source of calcium and contains under 150 calories, meaning the low fat, high protein drink is perfect for fuelling the gap – whether that be avoiding unhealthy snack temptations or simply getting through the daily commute!

Containing 20g of protein, as much as a chicken breast or four eggs, each 250ml bottle is pleasantly filling and helps you maintain healthy muscles and bones. Our bodies are only able to absorb about 30g of protein at any one time, so it’s best to distribute your daily protein intake across the day - you wouldn't drink a day’s worth of water just before bed, would you?

At The Good Whey Co. they understand that busy lifestyles mean getting all the right nutrients at each meal or snack isn't always possible. Upbeat is the first tasty, no fuss solution to get a low fat protein fix, helping you feel up for life, no matter what the time of day.

RRSP £1.79 (for a 250ml bottle)
Available in Tesco, Little Waitrose, Holland & Barrett and Ocado,