We hear from two golfers who have had their lives and time on the golf course transformed by community-driven bladder care company Jude

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In the world of golf, precision and focus are key, but for many women, bladder health can be an unwelcome distraction on the course. Jude, a community-driven bladder care company, is committed to breaking the silence surrounding bladder issues and providing effective solutions. Jude's Bladder Control Supplements are specifically formulated to strengthen the pelvic muscles and help reduce daily leaks by up to 66%, a crucial benefit for golfers facing long rounds. Here, Wendy Boxall and Rebecca Payne, both avid golfers, share their transformative experiences with Jude.

Wendy Boxall's Testimonial

Before discovering Jude, Wendy Boxall's life was dominated by her bladder issues. "I needed to use the toilet 2-4 times every night," Wendy recounts, "which didn’t give me a good night's sleep. I was constantly tired and anxious." Daytime was no better, with trips to the toilet every 30-60 minutes, making her daily routine a constant struggle.

A 65-year-old passionate golfer, Wendy found her bladder issues severely impacted her ability to enjoy the sport she loved. "I would need to pop into the bushes 3-4 times before the 9th hole," she explains, "I was even given a 'Shewee' as a gift on the 1st tee, much to the amusement of my golfing buddies."

Skeptical but desperate, Wendy decided to give Jude a try after seeing a Facebook ad. "I was pleasantly surprised to find they had an immediate impact on my bladder, from the very first day," she says. The supplements calmed her bladder, reducing nighttime trips to at most one a night and allowed her to get to the halfway house without popping into the bushes. "My golf buddies have even commented and wanted to know my secret."

Wendy's life has significantly improved. She no longer needs incontinence pads and rarely experiences leaks. "I can get to work comfortably without needing to rush to the toilet as soon as I arrive," Wendy shares. Her confidence has returned, and she looks forward to an upcoming abroad trip with peace of mind. "Thanks to Jude, I’m more confident, and my bladder is healthier."

Rebecca Payne's Testimonial

Rebecca Payne's struggles with bladder issues began early in life and worsened, after having two children and hitting perimenopause. "I was always looking for a toilet or wetting myself laughing, and don't get me started on leaks, every time I swung and hit a ball, I would feel it trickle into a sanitary pad," she recalls.

The South African found the move to the UK and playing golf courses there presented new challenges, with many lacking the convenient halfway facilities she was used to. "I will never forget my first experience needing the loo on a UK course," Rebecca says. "I had to ask my husband to 'stand guard' as I used the bushes."

Sceptical yet hopeful, Rebecca decided to try Jude after a bout of illness exacerbated her bladder issues. "I must be honest, I toyed with the idea for a couple of months," she admits. However, the results exceeded her expectations. "I went for a wee before setting off, then played 18 holes and had a drink in the bar before needing to go to the loo."

Rebecca's improvements didn't stop there. She now experiences fewer nighttime trips to the bathroom and can work for hours without needing frequent breaks. "I'm so pleased I took the plunge and plan to keep taking it to improve my bladder health," she states.

The Power of Natural Ingredients

Jude’s Bladder Control Supplements are formulated with a powerful mix of pumpkin seed and soy germ extract. These natural botanicals are clinically proven to improve bladder strength. The soy germ extracts act as a natural substitute for oestrogen, boosting pelvic floor strength, while pumpkin seed extracts promote relaxation and muscle build, vital for bladder control.


Wendy and Rebecca's stories highlight the profound impact Jude's Bladder Control Supplements can have on women's lives, especially those who are passionate about golf. By breaking the silence surrounding bladder issues and providing a natural, effective solution, Jude is helping women regain their confidence and enjoy their favourite activities without fear. For anyone struggling with bladder control, Jude offers a beacon of hope and a path to a healthier, more active life.

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