Warm up like the pros! Follow GoldBand's Dynamic Warm Up Part 2 featuring LET player Rachel Drummond and increase your flexibility to assist the body's maximum range of movement.

In part 1 we showed four simple dynamic warm-up exercises - demonstrating key trunk, rotational and functional movements. Here we have three more, which will thoroughly warm up your upper body and activate the muscles (back, shoulder, arm and core), which you are about to use playing golf.

Performing two of the drills in the golf set-up stance makes this a great functional warm-up, meaning they prepare the body for the specific actions and neuromuscular pathways your body goes through when making the golf swing action. They will also help to reduce the potential for injuries as the increased blood flow to the working muscles will make the connective tissue and muscles more supple.

As with the more basic warm-up exercises we showed previously they will help improve flexibility and assist the body in gaining maximum range of movement.


Gently stretches out the obliques (side of waist) with a gradual and increased intensity.

  • Stand feet hip width apart and hold the GolfBand with arms lengthened above your head
  • Bend your knees slightly and keep your hips facing forward
  • Tilt the body directly to the right side (do not lean forward or backwards) till a stretch is felt in your left side
  • Increase the stretch by taking the lower arm towards the leg, stretching the band - this will increase the intensity of the stretch but no pain should be felt
  • With control, return to upright position and repeat bending to the left side
  • Repeat once more on each side

NOTE:If this is difficult – Start by holding the band with greater distance between your hands.


Prepares the core in the golf swing plane, enabling maximum flexibility and full rotation.

  • Stand feet shoulder width apart, knees soft and abdominals held in
  • Bend forward from your hips to a 45 degree angle (6 o'clock)
  • Hold the GolftBand shoulder width apart in front of your body and create tension in the band by pulling hands apart
  • Rotating from hips and core, stretch arms up in an arc to an imaginary 11 o’clock position
  • Following the same arc, return arms and body to starting position
  • Rotate in the opposite direction, reaching up an imaginary 1 o’clock position
  • Repeat in a controlled fluid arc motion five times

Activates and mobilises the core, arms, back and shoulders.

  • Stand feet shoulder width apart, knees soft and abdominals held in
  • Bend forward from your hips to a 45 degree angle (6’ O’Clock)
  • Hold the GolfBand shoulder width apart in front of your body
  • Keeping the left arm still and in line with your left leg, rotate from hips and core stretching the right arms up and behind to an imaginary 11 O’clock position. With control return the arm and body to the starting position
  • Keeping the right arm still, repeat by rotating the body to the left side, reaching the left arm to a 1 O’clock position
  • Repeat to alternating sides five times each

A good warm-up is essential to performance and should ideally include dynamic warm-up movements as well as hitting balls. It’s ideal to practice GolfBand warm-up exercises pre-practice or pre-game to help you perform better from the start and achieve your best swing.

Watch this space for more GolfBand coaching drills and strength training exercises.

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