Check out this polar fleece lined gel bra designed to fight the big freeze! The Atomic Fleece Lined Bra is designed to create curves while keeping contours snug with a cosy fleece lining.

A specialist bra company that designs confidence boosting lingerie for smaller cup sizes has launched a brand new bra just for winter.

Marrying comfort with va-va-voom lift, the soft T-shirt style bra is identical to the popular Atomic bra, but comes complete with an extra polar fleece lining. Available in cups AA-C, the winter warmer has been carefully formulated with petite women in mind. The cups are infused with a liquid filled gel and lined in soft fleece, creating the illusion of a larger cleavage while protecting skin from shivers.

Available in classic black, the bra adds one to cup sizes whilst also boosting the appearance of cleavage. With smooth, seam free cups, polar fleece lining and fully adjustable straps, the Atomic Fleece winter warmer is the ultimate in comfort and keeps the wearer’s upper body toasty all day long.

RRP: £34
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