Using cold cream to cleanse and moisturise your face may conjure up images from a bygone era but the skin care secrets of the past might not be as outdated as you first think!

Whatever your skin type, during the winter golf months - your complexion can become overly dry, taut and even sore when exposed to the cold weather.

Sometimes going back to basics and using the beauty products our parents or even grandparents relied on, may actually prove extremely beneficial for our skin today. With a history of over 85 years of safe and effective use by sensitive skin sufferers, Sensiderma Cold Cream is a prime example.

This beauty classic from sensitive skin specialist, Queen Cosmetics, was created by three eminent dermatologists to provide a non-irritating cleanser for those suffering from dry, mature, and sensitive skin. Cooling, soothing and gentle on the face, Sensiderma Cold Cream is truly effective at removing all traces of make-up, dirt and impurities to leave the complexion clean, clear and fresh.

Whichever way it’s used, the benefits to sensitive or mature skin are many, leaving the complexion feeling ever so soft, smooth and above all comforted; just what’s needed when it’s cold outside! he beauty of Sensiderma Cold Cream is that it is also hypoallergenic, not tested on animals and available in a trial size for first time users.

RRP: £24.45 (100g)
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