Relax while hypnotherapists guide you through an audio course that empowers your mind and helps change behaviours around food. A pair of head phones is all you need to start a healthier lifestyle!

HypnotiKadiet fuses science with wellbeing and old fashioned portion control with cutting edge technology to help dieters kick start an altogether healthier lifestyle with none of the bumps in the road usually associated with the mission to shed excess pounds.

The new platform recognises that there are many obstacles to weight loss including a lack of time or money to join a gym and an abundance of conflicting information regarding what is good and bad nutritionally. HypnotiKadiet is a different approach that brings experts into homes, supplies motivation, empowers subscribers and educates.

Tackling weight loss at mind and body level, the HypnotiKadiet programme focuses on three key elements of dieting; the mindset, the meals and the metabolism.

It brings together a team of experts in mind training techniques, nutrition and fitness to help those struggling to slim find new determination and willpower. The platform puts an end to the doubts, fears and unhealthy eating and exercising habits that stop those wanting to lose weight from achieving their goal with nothing more than a pair of headphones needed to kick start a healthier lifestyle.

Packed with functionality, professional support and a library of practical resources, subscribers take a three-tiered approach to weight loss.

The Mindset module helps to stave off cravings via a collection of exclusive weight and mind training programmes. The utterly innovative approach soothes the mind while guiding users over obstacles that sabotage the shedding and niggle away at willpower. The audio programme is perfect for those who want to achieve results without having to leave their home, delivering expertise to the doorstep on demand to fight off self doubt and intense cravings.

In The Meals module, a mouth watering collection of taste bud tingling recipes and pre-designed menus pack in the flavour without fat or fuss. For those who are juggling a busy schedule with a promise to be healthier, the menus are an easy way to incorporate healthy eating and guilt free goodies with no planning required.

For those who need to master their metabolism, The Metabolism section offers a hand-picked selection of yoga, fitness and tai chi programmes to follow at home. Subscribers receive videos and podcasts from skilled personal trainers to help tone tummies and tighten arms.

To begin the programme, HypnotiKadiet followers simply pull up a chair and relax while a team of clinical hypnotherapists guide the listener through a professional audio course that empowers the mind, helping to change deep rooted behaviours around food.

HypnotiKadiet is based on a subscription system with three membership tiers to choose from.

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