EMPpad Omnium1 is a new health technology combining NASA-developed Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) technology with an Android tablet that is being used to boost performance, speed up recovery times and reducing stress.

Backed by scientists, practitioners and a growing number of professional sportspeople, as well as doing everything that you’d expect a tablet to do, such as emailing, Wi-Fi, surfing the Internet, the EMPpad Omnium1 has been specially designed and manufactured with a super-powerful battery that allows it to send electro-magnetic pulses through the body via an attached pad that golfers lie on for a few minutes each day to directly treat their body’s cells and 'jump start' the healing process at a cellular level.

Research into PEMF therapy that the EMPpad delivers has highlighted areas that can lead to profound health improvements that are greatly benefiting golfers of all ages and abilities. These include natural pain relief, improved circulation to tissues, improved tissue repair and regeneration and improved tissue detoxification. Individual performance, fitness and recovery from training or injury can all be enhanced with regular use of the EMPpad Omnium1.

The quality of sleep that a golfer has can affect performance, energy, mental focus and concentration. It can also contribute to consistency of performance, recovery time from injury, higher motivation levels and improved decision making. PEMF therapy can improve sleep by stimulating the hypothalamus, which controls circadian and sleep rhythms. When applied at night it is also capable of reducing brainwave frequency by a process called entrainment, helping to cause drowsiness and keep the brain in a sleeping state for longer.

Finally, where joint injuries or pre existing conditions such as osteoarthritis may make training and playing more difficult, numerous studies have highlighted the beneficial effects of PEMF therapy, helping to improve repair and regeneration of bone and cartilage tissue and enabling an individual to continue to train, exercise and perform effectively.

Visit the website to read the full benefits of EMPpad Omnium1 and see the full range of models.

RRP: £2694.00 EMPpad Omnium1 Complete Combo
For more EMPpad Omnium1 details visit www.emppad.com

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