Do your eyes squint in the sun when you don't have your sunglasses? Or feel dry and need a break from the computer screen? MacuShield is a specialist food supplement to help protect your vision.

Most of us are familiar with the sensation of crinkling our eyes when the sun is too bright and we don’t have sunglasses to hand, or feeling the need to give our eyes a break from the computer screen.

But most of don’t know that glare discomfort is actually caused by the blue portion of visible light which occurs in many every day environments including normal sunlight, computer screens, vehicle headlights and TV screens - potentially affecting that crucial part of our eyes which controls central vision: the macula.


Blue light causes glare due to its scatter within the eye. All of us are subjected to blue light – typical examples being oncoming headlights whilst driving at night, or the reflection from the sun on a wet road. When faced with glare, your eyes have reduced sensitivity to the contrast between an object and its background, and images can appear blurred or diminished entirely. When driving, this can be both dangerous and unnerving.

In a normal healthy eye, blue light exposure is controlled by macular pigment.  Macular pigment is a yellow, nutritional pigment which specifically absorbs blue light. However, a healthy layer of macular pigment is dependent upon a healthy diet, and therefore many of us are deficient in this important visual pigment.


MacuShield is a specialist food supplement for eyes, which contains three nutrients: lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin. Known as carotenoids, they accumulate at the back of the eye where they are collectively referred to as macular pigment. MacuShield is specifically designed to replenish and enrich the macular pigment, which is essential for good quality vision throughout a person’s life.


Macular pigment is found at the macula, the region of the eye which facilitates central, high-definition vision. Macular pigment absorbs blue light or glare and shields this vital region of the retina, rather like a natural pair of sunglasses. As a result, enrichment of macular pigment greatly enhances the clarity of our vision.

Normally, macular pigment will absorb most blue light before it reaches the back of the eye.  However, in the absence of a healthy diet, and a healthy layer of macular pigment, this blue light is not sufficiently absorbed and decreases the quality of our visual experience as well as increases the speed with which our eyes age. Obesity and smoking are also associated with reduced macular pigment

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